In the Christian world one of the greatest sins is pride; in order to fully obey God we need to conquer pride and be humble. For the religious here, how do you reconcile humility with masculinity and our desire to be more alpha and more manly? For the non religious, do you ever worry about pride and humility or do you see pride as a virtue that’s been made into a blue-pill sin?

I find that looking to authoritative sources of knowledge can lead to lazy thinking. When we use the “appeal to authority” cognitive habit, we tend to stop questioning assumptions and are satisfied with what we know. Because it is certified True.

So I’d never be satisfied with any religious answer as true because it’s in the Bible or some other cannon. It may be more likely to be true, but if it is beyond being questioned, then I’ve hit a thought taboo, and my mind has hit a roadblock.

Pride is a sin only because it pisses people off, and it pisses people off because other people get envious. Its much safer to be socially tactful (deliberately humble) so as avoid inflaming envy.

Some people can get away with being boastful, and others will even find it endearing. Who’s that coke-head star of Two and Half men? He fills auditoriums with people coming to here him rant about how winning he is. Once we put people into the hero category we switch from envy to wanting to emulate, and accept that they are better rather than want to bring them down. But boasting even by genuinely successful people won’t win over everyone as admirers, especially when we don’t want to emulate their particular style, so anyone who sticks out as winning is going to attract haters.

So I don’t think pride is either good or bad. The only reason we need be cautious about our visible pride it is to manage the reactions of other people. Boasting will cause people to want to bring you down.

Male monkeys are known to suddenly gang up on a member of their troupe to whom they were formerly friendly to, and give him a huge beating, sometimes killing him. They do this when he is rising too fast in social ranking. This is envy. Humans have the same crab-basket programming, and hate to see others rising too obviously.

It is a threat to our relative positioning and to the value of our competing sexual styles to see some guy take arrogant pride in an area we aren’t competing in – such as money or a six pack or his big dick or musical skills or his tatted up buff body or whatever. We will AMOG (alpha male other guy) a guy with a sports car and claim he only bought it to compensate for his small dick. Or trash talk a successful player as being a cad full of diseases who won’t commit. Or trash talk the family man as being a boring fuck who doesn’t understand how a woman feels passion. Whoever is in direct competition with us for females and has an obvious blatant strategy is a target. And pride and success only make our competitors stand out to us as targets.

Their pride will irritate us even more when they are advertising qualities to girls that we don’t highlight. Competing sexual styles turn on our AMOG modules. Our biased emotions tell us they shouldn’t have this chance with the girls, because they don’t deserve it. This is the essence of what we mean by “douchebag”. Some guy with using a different sexual strategy who is being blatant with his peackocking pride. We instinctively diss douchebags to better our chances at getting his girls. The website hot chicks with douchbags is all about the revulsion we feel for our sexual competitors, especially when they peackock with “too much” pride.

So the trick is to stand out enough to attract attention of females, but not so much as to attract too much negative attention from other males. When alone with women, arrogance usually is no problem if you can pass the shit tests and hold your frame.

Although I’m told that if you are strikingly handsome or otherwise an obvious target of hypergamy you need humility and a dash of beta-game to bring yourself down so that the girl doesn’t get insecure about having to look up to you too much.