Crisis is rousing. Along with the stress, it gifts a sense of urgency of purpose.

Many people use crisis as their motivation, and thrive under the spur of deadlines. The Southpark creators discovered that their best work was done just a few days before their show must air, and so stopped altogether with carefully crafting their shows months ahead of schedule.

I’ve had a few serious business crises lately, just at a time when I was about to move my focus to new business ventures. This has pushed me to working efficiently for 14 hours a day, week after week. I’ve learned more and accomplished more this last month than in the last year. In the end my businesses will be more stable and poised for better growth. The very big serious problems caused opportunity.

Crisis is the mother of invention. The giver of purpose. The test of a man’s resourcefulness. Life can be easy and a celebration, but when the going gets rough the shift is to get down and quit fooling around.

It’s built right into our endocrine system. When a man loses resources or status, his testosterone will drop and his focus will shift from leisurely enjoying his status and hunting pussy from his position of advantage to regaining his position. However you feel philosophically about that, it is a fact of our biology.

I suppose not all men are motivated to status, wealth and power, and some drop out of the game. From the view of those positioning for power, dropping out is seen as giving up and giving in. But from the view of those abjuring status, it’s seen as letting go of unnecessary struggle.

The debate on how necessary is the struggle for status, wealth and power won’t be resolved. Because we can’t see outside of our personal sexual strategies. Those who rely their personal blend of looks, charm, wit, social status, location, talent and fame view the world through glasses that they can’t take off. It’s difficult and often impossible to put on other peoples glasses.

If you are short, balding, ugly, and pushing fifty like I am, you’ll do much better in the sexual marketplace by focusing on attraction triggers that are most under your control. Location, body building, wealth creation, and leveraging your wealth to give you social access and social status, such as by running a nightclub or local business. And of course charm.

An idea that I don’t think is firmly enough established in the manosphere is the concept of attractive traits being additive. You can have slight back pain that you are barely conscious of, and one day BAM! You cross a threshold and you get muscle spasms and intense pain. It wasn’t that bending over caused too much stress, or that sloppy bowling ball swing. It was an accumulation of many small stresses that reached a tipping point.

Attractiveness is like that. If you are above average in height and looks, you can cause a tipping point by upping your social skills. Women will consider you to be Alpha, and compete for you.

It’s been researched many times that women on dating sites only message the men in the top 10% of looks. The same profile with a change in a few inches in height will get several times more messages. Income is also used as a metric of ranking of men, and also acts to attract more messages.

So the strategy starts to become obvious. Stand out in whatever ways WOMEN show, by their actions, that they are attracted to. Change what is under your control to change to fit THEIR criteria of who ranks highest in the sexual market place. We can’t change our height other than through shoe selection. For looks we can alter hair, clothing, and workout. Social skills are a good area to focus on – but they are not the whole world and not a substitute for other areas. Then there is wealth, power, social positioning, and location.

Sometimes the most effective change a man can make is simply his location.

Some people, for reasons that I don’t yet fully grasp, have a very intense and strong philosophical need to deny the effectiveness and value to personal attraction of anything that is not 100% based on social skills. Or if reality becomes too loud they’ll muffle it by claiming that social skills are an equal and complete replacement for other traits that women rank men on. “It’s not the muscles, it’s the confidence – scientific studies to the contrary be damned.” This ego protecting cognitive error is harmful to a mans motivation to live strategically. Men age. Our job is to work our whole lives as strategists to position ourselves as best as possible in the sexual marketplace.

Where will you be when you are fifty? Seventy?

Battle and crisis, perseverance and strategy. These are the gifts given to men.