I’m starting three new businesses, two of which could be huge. The third would be plain old enough to live well on.

I know, chickens and counting, and don’t. But for the sake of just thinking about things, what if it comes to pass over these next two years that I make it to the top 2%? I have no idea how to adjust my lifestyle for that kind of power. I already have everything I need, and am doing well financially (after years of hand to mouth poverty).

Big boats? Farms and condos scattered across the globe? Fine suits? I’ve never even worn a suit, let alone owned one.

What do nouveau riche do? It’s gotta translate down to life improvement, meaning satisfaction, excitement, security, pussy, friendships, adventure, and perhaps loves. How to translate unusual wealth into unusual well being?

It’s still hypothetical, but we’ll see how the blog evolves over the next year. Maybe it will get a new focus.

What would you do if you were banking the silly sums – say like 10k a day.