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Female circuits of arousal

Posted by xsplat on April 29, 2012

Humans aren’t blank slates. We are born with instincts and predispositions, and react predictably to various stimuli. Women have a set of brain wiring circuits they are born with that aid in seducing and enslaving them. Just push this button and you’ll see that result.

The violence circuit:
A heartiste reader commented recently about how when he brings women to the gun firing range, they inevitably get hot for him, and sometimes fall in love. Another comment talks about women getting uncontrollably horny when the bombs dropped over Britain during the war. These are great examples of a circuit. Women get wet for violence, danger, and raw physical power.

Rollo wrote a post about violence turning women on here.

I don’t have a gun range near me, and can’t legally own firearms here, but have found that even metal gun replicas that shoot bbs using compressed air intimidate the girls. And my boxers speed bag has some effect. Those are a facsimile of the real manly deal, but they still massage the same circuit.

The rape circuit:
Naughty Nomad wrote a great post on going caveman on girls, and has another one about safe rape. Overpowering a woman’s resistance to sex turns them on. As Nomad explains, this works even better when you combine it with push-pull. You get all rapey on the girl and then totally back off until she comes to you.

The Daddy circuit:
This is the most powerful circuit of all, and deserves it’s own post. I’ll likely be getting back to this again and again. Humans are born with very deep instincts for how to relate to our parents. These are so strong and powerful that after we grow up and leave the nest we find ourselves with the need to find new parents to feel love and devotion to, to feel protected by, and to give ourselves over to in service. Look to any charismatic leader, especially religious leaders, and you’ll see that they have mastered this circuit and that their followers are treated as their beloved children. People so badly crave this relationship that without a leader they internalize the parent in their conception of a loving yet wrathful God.

If you get the girl to call you Daddy, and treat her as a daughter, your sex will be explosive and she will be your slave. You’ll own her heart and soul. I’ll explain later how the incest taboo is an enormous turn on for most women. These circuits may conflict in you with the anti-incest circuit that we have, but their power is none the less profound. This is the most powerful relationship tool you can ever wield.

The empathy circuit:
People often get the feeling that they are mixing their minds and bodies with their lover. Have you ever had a shared orgasm with a girl? Just as she is about to come all the sensation in your dick amplifies ten times, you feel a surge of energy throughout your body, you come at the same time and you can swear that you felt her feelings mixed with your own. Sometimes when lovers look each other in the eye the world melts and they feel as if together they swim in a void. Holding hands we connect. There are sensations of merging with another that feeds in us a desire for intimacy and connection. An often taught seduction trick is to mirror the actions and speech of the woman; this is using the empathy circuit. Feel into the girl and merge with her, and from that place of subtle listening you can play her like an instrument.

The too young to fuck circuit:
You learn a lot through role play. Many guys have stumbled upon this circuit that way, and found it works with most all girls. When fucking say things like “Oh my, but you are only twelve! Don’t tell your mother!” Girls find it incredibly erotic to have forbidden, secret, and taboo sex.

The bad girl and the whore circuits:
Spicy taboo like the too young to fuck circuit, but with added dominance and a heavy dose of degradation. Anything that makes sex wrong makes it right. Call her a whore and a dirty little slut. You can amp that up by spitting on her and pulling her hair. Add a little choking and asphyxiation if she likes intensity. I don’t know why girls are built this way, and it is of no use to make moral comments about it. They just have this circuit, and you can use it to your advantage. They like being treated like trash and abused. ESPECIALLY if you actually love them.

The threesome with a hot girl circuit:
Most women are at least partially lesbian. If you do role play with her you can discover your girls tendencies. While fucking tell her erotic stories of what the two of you would do with a third girl in the bed. Tell her what she would do with her mouth, what the other girl would do to her, what you would do to her while the other girl was doing to you. This gives you the forbidden sex circuit together with her lesbian circuits, and it makes you appear worldly and capable. Doing the real thing is bonding too.

The taboo sex and the degrading sex circuits have the paradoxical effect of making the girl feel more loved. You show her that you accept and can deal skillfully with even her darkest corners, and have a great time with her in doing so.

Readers are invited to suggest other pre-set buttons built into the female in the comments.

I just realized that I forgot to write aout the I-love-you circuit. The image is two people cooing I love you to each other when they fuck.

19 Responses to “Female circuits of arousal”

  1. Wudang said

    I guess it might be a subset of the daddy circuit but you have the teacher/wise man/guide circuit. Since I am into meditation, qigong, tantra and yoga I have always thought i would end up being a teacher and guide for my girl into that world. Most girls today that I meet are curious about that and once they start to feel chi they get hooked. So I think it will naturally happen. Once it does I can guide her into a new and magical world and a new wroldview. That has got to be very powerfull.

    This one relates a bit to the rape, violence and daddy circuits but you have the owned girl and slave girl circuits.

    To me it seems in qigong terms the liver and liver energy plays a very important role in arousal and a large part of the reason jealousy, anger, violence etc. work is because it triggers the liver energy massively and can then be transformed. The violence and rape stuff works partly because it triggers the adrenals massively. I have read that a very large percentage of male soldiers during the vietnam war would get erections during intense shootings and bombings just because the extreme adrenal arousal sort of aroused everything.

    • xsplat said

      Ya, let’s call that the mentor circuit. It’s a bit different than the Daddy circuit as it implies less authority and paternal care.

      Roosh reads many books and considers that a big part of his attraction, and I think in that way he’s using the mentor circuit in his seductions.

      I know what you mean about introducing the world to women. It feels godlike and they sometimes will detail their enjoyment of this.

      I’m not sure if the Slave circuit is different than the Daddy circuit. I guess it could be different buttons we are pushing, especially in light of stockholm syndrome and our long evolutionary past of abducting women. Now that you mention it perhaps what I’m calling the Daddy circuit is my own brand that is a mixture of the Daddy persona with the slave master. Two girls came close to tatooing “Daddy’s little Bitch” on their asses.

      Interesting idea about violence being arousing because it is generally biologically arousing, rather than by activating a particular mental circuit. I think for women it can be both. In some tribes today they still choose their men based on watching them have ceremonial battles, much the same way animals do.

      I like the inner game material you linked to. Yes, our approaches are very similar, although it appears they’ve put more thought into articulating practical ideas and exercises. I think I’ll also try to move in the direction of a more body centered and awareness focused approach. That is of course my background, but I don’t always talk in that way as I imagine people not being able to relate to esoteric practices. The innergame guys make their ideas very accessible, so that’s a worthy challenge to try to follow.

      There are a few key differences between my view of relating with women and what I understand to be Heartistes views. One is highlighted by the material you linked to. They talk about feeling and embodying your passion. They don’t talk about shutting down from it and pretending to be aloof. They are about authentic, unapologetic, embodied presence. Not about a pretentious masquerade of abundance.

      And I think that has to be my next blog post. Authentic horny presence vs pretentious masquerade of abundance.

      • eric1one said

        This is part of the reason Nation-States use the term Fatherland or Motherland to describe their home. It’s a very primal and simple feeling.

  2. Thanks for the mention amigo. I got to try out the Daddy circuit, sounds powerful.

  3. T said

    These seem extremely powerful. you mentioned that the daddy circuit can conflict with our anti-incest circuit, but does it conflict with the girl’s anti-incest circuit? Is there any initial hesitation, particularly in girls who have good functional relationships with their fathers?

    • xsplat said

      I’ve only known a few girl who didn’t take it upon their selves to call me Daddy, and one is the girl I’m with now. She says it’s because she knows my other girls called me that and that I called them Daughter. Still I notice her get more wet during sex when I sometimes let out a heartfelt “Daddy loves you”.

      Other girls sometimes at first feel a bit of resistance. Perhaps for a few days, or a bit longer. Then later they explain that they didn’t like the idea at first but now think of me like a real Daddy – like it’s not only role play. Some will call me that for years after we break up.

      I’d say since I took on the persona over 90% of girls have fallen right into the role of daughter with zeal. Most take it upon themself to call me Daddy with no direct prompting on my part. Maybe after a “Daddy loves you” slips out during sex they’ll start calling me Daddy as my pet name. I don’t remember ever actually asking a girl to call me Daddy.

    • Theophilus said

      In my experience, the chicks tend to bring up the daddy thing first. Innocently, of course, but in a context that can’t be misunderstood. It helps if you’re significantly older than her or have that paternal vibe that some of us give off naturally.

  4. Retrenched said

    “Women get wet for violence, danger, and raw physical power.”

    Indeed. That’s a lot of the reason why young men in the inner cities will join gangs — yeah, they’re risking death and prison every day, but they’re pretty much guaranteed sexual access to the hottest inner city girls until that happens….

  5. Jorgez said

    By contrast, isn’t the archetypal beta strategy to try to tap into a non-existent “mommy circuit” — i.e., if you are a nice boy with mommy, she will give you what you want. Of course, this misguided fantasy backfires and leaves both parties disgusted, whether consciously or not.

  6. lavacious said

    I’m a nerd that plays text role playing MMOs. Much of the sex roleplay that happens revolves around these themes (except empathy).

  7. TAllagash said

    spot on. the daddy circuit and the degrading/bitch/whore circuits are absurdly effective. for a long time i was blown away by how many girls wanted me to manhandle them in bed. now i pretty much just assume they all like it that way

  8. Xsplat, you forgot the impregnation circuit! Read his: http://www.takeninhand.com/impregnation

    • xsplat said

      Ya, good point. I get aroused by the idea of impregnating sometimes, and bring it up during sex (the hotter the girl the more likely I am to bring it up), and I’ve heard a lot of other guys feel the same way. Part of it feels like a power thing – total ownership. I don’t have a clear feeling for the girls sexual take on that most dangerous of role play, but they do seem receptive, and are forever having oops babies. I’ve had a girl fake taking the pill when supervised – hiding it under her tongue to later spit out, I’ve had girls tell me that they are sterile, lie about their cycle, and so on. They usually say they don’t want a kid right now, but their actions say that they are baby crazy. I’ve lost exact count of how many unplanned pregnancies I’ve had to help take care of. Eleven or twelve. I’m now an expert on telling within the first week if a girl is pregnant based on her titties. They get warm and swell the moment her body realizes what’s going on. They’ll often quickly produce milk too.

      I’ve known girls who like the feeling of getting pregnant, and do so with no intention of keeping the kid, just for the warm glow. So some girls got pregnant twice by me.

      But oftentimes I think the motivation, when conscious, is about entrapment. When they know I’m firm on using my passport suddenly they are less adamant on keeping the baby. It’s very bonding even so.

  9. Mickey said

    These latest post are excellent – your attitude is very in line with mine. For me your advice is rivalling Roissy.

  10. Per said

    Does the daddy routine works best if the girl has a good or a bad relationship with her real daddy?
    It works well on my current girl (love-hate relation with her real dad), but she is honestly the only one I’ve tried it on.

    • xsplat said

      Some people have the theory that a girl has to have unresolved “daddy issues” in order to look to her man as an authoritative father figure in her life, but I don’t buy it. I think it’s a universal circuit no matter what the girls relationship to her biological father was.

  11. T said

    I read somewhere that a lot of emotions are better induced in the receiver’s native tongue. I am assuming that you continue to speak english with everyone, and also that most of these women’s native tongue is not english and some spoke very little english. Have you noticed any of these circuits being lost in translation?

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