Humans aren’t blank slates. We are born with instincts and predispositions, and react predictably to various stimuli. Women have a set of brain wiring circuits they are born with that aid in seducing and enslaving them. Just push this button and you’ll see that result.

The violence circuit:
A heartiste reader commented recently about how when he brings women to the gun firing range, they inevitably get hot for him, and sometimes fall in love. Another comment talks about women getting uncontrollably horny when the bombs dropped over Britain during the war. These are great examples of a circuit. Women get wet for violence, danger, and raw physical power.

Rollo wrote a post about violence turning women on here.

I don’t have a gun range near me, and can’t legally own firearms here, but have found that even metal gun replicas that shoot bbs using compressed air intimidate the girls. And my boxers speed bag has some effect. Those are a facsimile of the real manly deal, but they still massage the same circuit.

The rape circuit:
Naughty Nomad wrote a great post on going caveman on girls, and has another one about safe rape. Overpowering a woman’s resistance to sex turns them on. As Nomad explains, this works even better when you combine it with push-pull. You get all rapey on the girl and then totally back off until she comes to you.

The Daddy circuit:
This is the most powerful circuit of all, and deserves it’s own post. I’ll likely be getting back to this again and again. Humans are born with very deep instincts for how to relate to our parents. These are so strong and powerful that after we grow up and leave the nest we find ourselves with the need to find new parents to feel love and devotion to, to feel protected by, and to give ourselves over to in service. Look to any charismatic leader, especially religious leaders, and you’ll see that they have mastered this circuit and that their followers are treated as their beloved children. People so badly crave this relationship that without a leader they internalize the parent in their conception of a loving yet wrathful God.

If you get the girl to call you Daddy, and treat her as a daughter, your sex will be explosive and she will be your slave. You’ll own her heart and soul. I’ll explain later how the incest taboo is an enormous turn on for most women. These circuits may conflict in you with the anti-incest circuit that we have, but their power is none the less profound. This is the most powerful relationship tool you can ever wield.

The empathy circuit:
People often get the feeling that they are mixing their minds and bodies with their lover. Have you ever had a shared orgasm with a girl? Just as she is about to come all the sensation in your dick amplifies ten times, you feel a surge of energy throughout your body, you come at the same time and you can swear that you felt her feelings mixed with your own. Sometimes when lovers look each other in the eye the world melts and they feel as if together they swim in a void. Holding hands we connect. There are sensations of merging with another that feeds in us a desire for intimacy and connection. An often taught seduction trick is to mirror the actions and speech of the woman; this is using the empathy circuit. Feel into the girl and merge with her, and from that place of subtle listening you can play her like an instrument.

The too young to fuck circuit:
You learn a lot through role play. Many guys have stumbled upon this circuit that way, and found it works with most all girls. When fucking say things like “Oh my, but you are only twelve! Don’t tell your mother!” Girls find it incredibly erotic to have forbidden, secret, and taboo sex.

The bad girl and the whore circuits:
Spicy taboo like the too young to fuck circuit, but with added dominance and a heavy dose of degradation. Anything that makes sex wrong makes it right. Call her a whore and a dirty little slut. You can amp that up by spitting on her and pulling her hair. Add a little choking and asphyxiation if she likes intensity. I don’t know why girls are built this way, and it is of no use to make moral comments about it. They just have this circuit, and you can use it to your advantage. They like being treated like trash and abused. ESPECIALLY if you actually love them.

The threesome with a hot girl circuit:
Most women are at least partially lesbian. If you do role play with her you can discover your girls tendencies. While fucking tell her erotic stories of what the two of you would do with a third girl in the bed. Tell her what she would do with her mouth, what the other girl would do to her, what you would do to her while the other girl was doing to you. This gives you the forbidden sex circuit together with her lesbian circuits, and it makes you appear worldly and capable. Doing the real thing is bonding too.

The taboo sex and the degrading sex circuits have the paradoxical effect of making the girl feel more loved. You show her that you accept and can deal skillfully with even her darkest corners, and have a great time with her in doing so.

Readers are invited to suggest other pre-set buttons built into the female in the comments.

I just realized that I forgot to write aout the I-love-you circuit. The image is two people cooing I love you to each other when they fuck.