I think (at least some) foreign women still have the values that would be more in line with the “provider/homemaker” arrangement that seemed to work pretty well in pre-feminesta marriages (before ~1970).

IOW, mutual *co-operation*, rather than competition for power and control in the relationship.

If you want to learn about how expats fair dating in SEA, read all the readers submissions at stickmanbangkok.com

If you are beta at home, you won’t suddenly become the man of the house in Thailand. Women there will eat you alive.

Generally betas travel to foreign countries and are duped by the masks the girls put on. They take them off either after they marry you and move to your country, or after they marry you and you move to theirs.

The only solution, wherever you are, is to learn to manipulate your woman better than she manipulates you, and to have greater hand than she has.

It’s less about culture than people realize. The advantage to SEA women is not that they won’t battle you for power – they will. It’s that the laws in their countries are not anti-penis, and you will get a relative financial and status boost that you can parlay into hand. But if you don’t have the skills to get and keep hand none of that will help you, and she’ll soon be wearing the pants.

Again, if you doubt me, learn from those who know – hundreds if not thousands have contributed to Stickman’s site.