I was going to talk today about the most powerful circuit to exploit in the female system: her reaction to an authoritative erotic father figure.

But instead I’m going to step back to a more general principle.

I hear from many men who are not living up to their sexual potential. Hearing them explain things they view sex as a way to stimulate the penis to orgasm. One hole is as good as the next to dump a fuck in, and sluts just be sluts. No emotional connection desired.

But you can bind even a slut to you, if you know the trick.

Now, this is not the only way to do things. But it’s my favorite way. I like to bind women to me. To do that I use all possible means of hooking them. A fundamental way begins with my own attitude.

In order for me to be able to have this attitude that allows me to bind women to me, I have to be careful not to pollute my sexual karma. Bad habits lead to bad habits. I only fuck women that I’m into. There has to be at least some genuine intimacy between us that is meaningful and good to me. A respect for a connection that is joyful and real. It’s easy to reprogram your sex such that you forget how to fuck properly if you partner with girls who don’t really do it for you. So for the sake of my fucking ability and my future girls I keep it real.

And THAT is the hook. Here is the trick of it; you feel intimacy but you are in control of it. You allow yourself to be drunk on love just enough to get her to swoon with you, but you don’t swoon so much yourself that you feel needy.

As an example, say your girl is in the room and you want to give her a little intimacy and make her feel loved. You could just walk up to her and kiss her and say something loving. No, that wouldn’t help you. You stand in front of her, very close, and just look at her. She might then hug you or kiss you, but if not, you can point to your cheek and say give me a kiss, or you bump into her with your belly, or pick her up and swing her around the room, or throw her on the bed for a ravaging. You get her to feel that the two of you are sharing a moment, but not that you are sucking on her teet for a hit of love.

Now the pointing at your face is a tricky example. That sounds needy. But it works much better than giving her a kiss on her cheek. Even though you are demanding it, the outward manifestation is her coming to you. Plus, you are commanding her. So it’s something you can do a few times throughout the day – perhaps ritually before you go out. You may find her offering the actions without the demands, but it’s a fine demand if spoken with authority.

But I’m straying from the main principle. To get a girl hooked on you, you have to emotionally enter the space where you are both hooked on each other, but you occupy that space from a position of dominance and authority. It feels good to do that, it’s like a drug, so once this is your habit you will be having flow moments when you do this.

What is a flow moment? When you feel the full length of the bowling lane in your arm and know before you let go of the ball where it will go. That’s heightened awareness where you and the moment are one. When you are surfing and carving your perfect line. When the sky is lit up in oranges and pinks and nothing is on your mind but your mind is the sky and sea and the wet sand between your toes. A flow moment is when you are embodied and present and sensations are strong enough that you don’t have to pay attention to them – they are vivid all by themselves. You mix with the world and have power and control.

Intimacy is an art that is embodied. This is your hook to get the girl to become your property.

When you fuck a girl, whether it’s romantic fucking or not, find a place where you feel that the two of you are one. Say things that heighten the feeling of the two of you enjoying a meaningful bond. I’ll give examples of things to say in later posts that connect with powerful circuits – such as the Daddy circuit, the rape circuit, the too young to fuck circuit, the sex in public circuit, the bad girl circuit, the whore circuit, the I love you circuit, and the threesome with a hot girl circuit.

Don’t just feel everything in the tip of your dick. You’ll never get any flow moment that way, and may even feel as if the moment is controlling you, rather than you and the moment are one and in control. In my post on introduction to Tantric sex I mentioned that it’s important to do body awareness excercises that allow you to feel more of your situation at once, and not get fixated in a small portion of it. You have to embody more in your moment. Expand into the moment.

I want you to imagine all the times in the past where you’ve felt really close to someone. That is the key to controlling someone.

Now you may feel that when you do that, you lose control. You wind up broken hearted. Yes, it’s dangerous. But with practice you can use your own feelings as a tool to control others. This is fine emotional control. It helps that the more girls you have, the less you’ll bond uncontrollably, and it also helps to take on the attitude that you are using your feelings of connection to get your hooks into the girl such that she feels you own her.

Which reminds me of the “I own you” circuit, to be discussed later.

The most powerful bond happens in moments of ecstatic union. That is a powerful art, and men do a disservice to their potential and to their women if they do not learn it. But the principle extends down to sharing quiet moments. You feel as if you feel right into her, and you use this union to manipulate her experience.