It’s been said that women get the men that they deserve. After all, they choose whom they allow to fuck them. We can’t blame the men for acting like they type of men the girls preferentially fuck.

But men are blind to this; men create the women that they deserve.

I want you to know that men can have enormous power over the women they are intimate with.

But men don’t want that power anymore. Nowadays we want a peer. We want to share household tasks. We want society to properly condition the girl for us to be an upstanding and virtuous girl who we can trust.

What hooey.

Men create the women they deserve. If you won’t take responsibility for raising up your woman into someone who can please you in the ways you prefer, why would you expect the woman or society to take responsibility for that?

Do dog owners blame the kennel for their poorly behaved pets?

The fact that men expect a woman to be above being trained like a pet is an enormous error, with consequences that lead to great dissatisfaction.

I’m in the middle of reading on two different subjects right now. One is about delusions and power plays in Buddhist communities, especially Tibetan Buddhist communities, and the other is The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Green.

The first is a manual for how to avoid getting sucked into the spell of an alpha male or authority figure and the group-mind of their followers, and the other is a manual for how to suck people into your power.

Step one as a man who wants to be intimate with women is to realize that you need to study materials like this, not to empower your woman to be an individual free thinker, but so that she won’t be. You need to train her to live her life happily such that she finds satisfaction in ways that are good for you.

It’s not a zero sum game. Women are happy to serve, under the right circumstances. Like most men, they are born for the role. Devotion and service come naturally, and makes them feel good. However if you leave a power vacuum, she will put on the pants in the house. And you are wrong if you think you can take turns wearing the pants, or that you both deserve the pants, or she has a right to her own self determination and a say in all the important matters of the household. Her only right is to stay or leave – that’s it. The rules are the man’s to make.

Today my girl was doing her morning chores, and was in a hurry to make an appointment. She asked me to clean the bed for her. I stared at her blankly for 7 seconds, and then burst out laughing. Then went back to paying attention to my laptop. She also asked me to taxi her to her appointment. I told her to call a cab – they come within 5 minutes here.

I do more than enough in terms of giving to our mutual situation. I earn all the money, and pay her a small salary in recompense for her giving up her job to live with me full time and do daily tasks for me. I’ve made it clear that there is no negotiation involved in her participating in my life. She either accepts it without complaint, or leaves. There is no freaking out when I’m out or asking me where I’ve been, no matter her level of anxiety about that. If she insists on that and won’t stop on command, I leave for a day or two – so she knows that her avenues of manipulation are blocked and she has no options other than to take it or leave it.

Of course my job is to make it so that she can’t leave. She must be emotionally dependent on me. I must be the center of her world. She must be entangled irretrievably in my carefully crafted all encompassing net of love. It must appear to her that she is acting out of free will and she should be happier than she has ever been and should say things like “If you won’t marry me now, I want to marry you in heaven after I die”.

Relationship is about power. A man must not be shy to take that power. There are many websites that teach little tricks here and there about how to get hand, but that’s not really the main problem. The problem today is that men don’t want hand.

Actually, perhaps that’s been a problem throughout the ages in all cultures. Every culture I’ve seen so far has essentially been a matriarchal one. There are only rare isolated examples of the man being the true head of the household.

I’m here to tell you that not only is it morally OK to go ahead and be the man of the house, but that you have no choice. If you won’t, she will, and she will not be as happy doing that job as she will if you do it. Nor will you.

Power and hierarchy are built right into the fabric of things. From our primate roots all the way down to the hierarchical arrangments of different holons of physical properties; subatomic particles being constrained in their orbits as electrons in atoms, atoms being constrained by their arrangements in molecules, molecules organized into higher patterns of greater complexity, and on and on until we talk of free will over material objects. There are kings, and there are vassals, and equal democracy is a fallacy that does not and has not and will not ever exist. There is only power. Power to give away your power, or power to take your power.

I need to say that there are women I admire and who I learn from and who are my equals and betters and teachers. However I haven’t found any that make my dick hard. And if I did, I’d still be very careful to own her so that she doesn’t break my heart or cause domestic trouble or otherwise be an uncontrollable free spirit. I’d use all my wiles against her to bend her to my noble will.

In relationship to women, I advocate that you take your power, ensnare your woman, and make her into a devoted love slave.

Step one is the attitude to do so.