Laying on the household basement couch staring at the color organ and listening to Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon over and over was an essential part of my childhood education.

Music teaches about letting your mind be syncopated with a fugue of emotional spaces. It has at least three main elements, each with their own essential character; the lead guitar or keyboard, the bass guitar, and the drums.

This relates directly to chi-kung, which relates directly to sex.

When you have sex with a woman, you need at least three main elements. You need the the melody, or the most obvious out front line of communication which may be in your heart; you need to connect in the heat of the belly, which is akin to the bass beat and countermelody; and you need the drums, which are felt kinesthetically from the subacoustical vibrations below your feet all the way up to high high frequency cymbals above the crown of your head.

You can’t fuck just from the heart. Yet without the melody, you only rapping. You can’t fuck only with the bass beat. That’s just pumping. You can’t fuck just with a full body appreciation of energies. That’s just jazz without the funk.

In order to learn to fuck, it helps to listen to a range of musical styles, and learn to feel at least three individual lines of music distinctly, yet at the same time. And it helps to learn to do the correlate of that when doing chi-kung.

Also, Floyd isn’t about 2 minute pop tunes. They do album length concept music, riffing on and around themes, alternating between them, changing them up, meandering tightly to find endless variations. And they have that background vocalist who makes your hair stand up. Good inspiration to scream during sex.