Heartiste’s blog has as it’s main theme that game is primary, that the prime component of game is confidence, and that all other characteristics are attractive only in as much as they lead to confidence. He will admit that those in the top 5% of looks or money get advantage, but other than that he either dismisses other attractive traits or claims they are only attractive because they raise confidence.

This narrow focus on game and dismissal of the additive nature of all attractive traits does a disservice to those who would learn how to attract women.

Confidence is ALSO attractive. It is one attractive trait among many.

As Rollo says; looks, game, money. Choose two.

If Heartiste wasn’t tall, handsome and buff, I bet he’d not feel that game was quite so sufficient. He already has looks and height, and doesn’t need much other than game to show great fitness. He probably even also has some money. He already stands out. This colors his experience and teachings. He can safely attribute success only to game, ignoring his other qualities as a component of his success.

Remember, these attributes are additive. You can take a handsome man with no money and no game and he won’t do well. Add game and he will. So some would therefore say that game was responsible. But you can also take an ugly man with no money and add game and he won’t have access to as many of the hot girls that the handsome man will. So it’s not just down to game. Attractive attributes are additive.

And some women are well known to screen for income. Additive.

There is a guy in the community: Cameron Teone . He used to be a part of the community and I think he was even mentioned in the book: ‘the game’

He wrote an article about other teachers and their edge, I’ll copy and paste some of it here:

Quote:…I am questioning the validity of the concepts. SOME of the concepts are good to learn.
What 90% of them fail to tell you is the advantages that they give themselves in this arena. What are those advantages?

I’d like to call it an “Edge.” Everyone presents some sort of an edge which separates him from the rest of the pack of eligible men. There is nothing wrong with this. This is not to vilify anyone. It’s only bringing attention to it so that YOU can start working on your edge….

If you’re obsessed with having really physically attractive women at any cost, then you have to increase your edge. You want to date lots of models? You’d better increase your edge by quite a bit…

So what gives one guy an edge over the other? The edge has to be something that separates from the rest of the pack on some level. It gives you some sort of ability to be distinguished. This could be something you’re born with or something you develop, cultivate, or financially acquire.

•Let’s start with the obvious first: Being very physically good looking, having a very athletic and appealing physique, being 6’5″ tall (195cm), and so forth… These can all serve as advantages.

•It could be personality or individual traits: Being a great conversationalist or storyteller, great sense of humor, being charming, being charismatic, high social intelligence,

•It could be things you worked for: Be it making lots of money, prestigious job, being a doctor/surgeon, or working jobs that are conducive to being around women, (club promoters, DJs, bouncers, even a yoga teacher).

Guys who are good at drawing women into their life have an edge that they intrinsically and inherently understand. It may be subconscious and they may not realize it. They may even be super good-looking guys who genuinely think they’re pulling some game out of their ass, but in reality, they’re living off of their physical looks. Then, after the fact, their conscious mind is rationalizing as to the reasons why. I am fairly convinced that there are men who get laid despite their antics. That meaning that what they consider “Game” is something annoying women are willing to overlook because they’re interested in them for other reasons.

Let’s look at the Seduction Community and gurus you may know, or have heard of……Let’s cut through the chase. I am going to give you real life examples of dating-teachers. I’ll explain what their edge is…

• Mystery: Erik is 6’5 inches tall, (Yes, height is an edge.) That, in and of by itself is an edge. Yes, there are plenty of tall dorks who repel women but if you have the basics down, the height quickly becomes an edge. He is also a magician, a self proclaimed “Super-Star daredevil illusionist!” He plays the status game. A very tall individual who has always played the pseudo-celeb game.

• Neil Strauss: Neil does not have physical good looks or height to his advantage. So what’s his edge? He is a w riter for Rolling Stone magazine, a Rock reporter for the NY Times, best selling a thr. (There is nothing wrong with being a reporter for a major magazine. If you have an edge, use it. Nothing wrong with that.) Lastly, he is highly skilled in manipulation tactics, uses his social status as leverage to make people feel below him.. (This will be explained later).

• Zan – Looks like a male model, charming, interesting person, has great stories of romance and fantasy. Zan is able to draw people into his reality and the way he see things. Fun and very pleasant to spend time with. If you’ve seen Zan speak, you can clearly see how he can draw people into his world and how he sees things in a very pleasant non-threatening way. Edge: Male-model looks, and charm as well as the ability to suck people into his fantasy world.

• Brent – Obvious edge: He looks like a professional male model. All he has to do is show up, chat with girls, be aloof. He is that good looking where he has to do almost nothing. He is not a relationship type of guy and he is not looking for a relationship type of woman. His edge and person match his perspective archetype. His obvious edge: Dude looks like a soap opera star and doesn’t give a shit about anything. Granted, this works well with a certain archetype of woman and that’s the kind Brent wants anyway.

• Johnny SoPorno: Interesting character and also different than the guys on the list as he self-admittedly likes women in the “Skin-Trade” or sex business, (Porn, Escorts, prostitutes, etc.) What’s his edge? Social dominances over his target demographic. He talks nonstop, no one can get a word in edgewise when he is around, and more importantly, he is involved with the porn industry. Being in the porn business, he can dangle a career upgrade to women in the selling-sex business, (Porn, prostitution, escorts, etc.) These are the type of women he desires and he can leverage his position in the industry to draw them in. (Remember, it’s important to know what archetype of woman you WANT!)……

What does this mean to you? How can YOU achieve consistent results? It’s to encourage you to do 2 things:

1. Handle the Foundational Skills….

2. Work on cultivating your niche edge….

Heartiste: i don’t know much about these guys, but neil strauss claims he got rejected by women way too much for his liking, and this was while he was a journo for rolling stone. his love life turned around when he learned game. (and his fortunes did too).

And this is refuting my points how?

Yes, game is additive. Additive.

Sufficient? Sometimes, but not always. Some girls screen for looks or money also.

My point is not that looks and money are better, or that game is not valuable or even needed. It’s that not all attractive traits reduce down to confidence.

You tend to not only emphasize game, but to de-emphasize the value of other attractive traits, even sometimes to the point of denying that they exist. On Rollos blog you did finally acknowledge that muscles are attractive not just because they raise confidence, but in and of themselves they are attractive. That’s a great first step. Now we can all be open about and agree that there are many attractive traits, and that they are additive.

Game will not always be enough, but it will always be additive.

Update: Apparently Heartiste is going the way of Aunt Sue and blocking comments, in the service of maintaining an echo chamber. He replies to my xsplat comments on the thread in question here http://heartiste.wordpress.com/2012/04/10/bad-news-for-smart-nerds misrepresenting me, then refuses to publish my rebutal (which you can see in this post above, not in blockquotes).

If you follow manosphere blogs at all, I’d suggest you search through the thread for the xsplat comments and judge for yourself if the man has not teetered over the edge of some dark hole of hampster.

Update: Reader Wudang makes an insightful comment:

I highly agree with your view that everything matters but I would like to add one thing. Although looks, money and game all create attraction there is one unique thing about game and that is that it is the only thing that TRULY leads to women submitting to you. If the other factors make you valuable enough to her she wil be highly attracted and interested in pleasing you but if you do not dominate her and you are not personally powerfull enough to dominate her she will never feel the deep satisfaction and attraction as for the man who can dominate her.