Last night my girl modeled her new red dress. She’s at once timid and narcissistic, so I first had to push her to put it on – literally kicking her out of the bed with my feet, then had to push her to take off her jean shorts from underneath the hyper-high-hemlined form fitting dress, then her bra, then her panties. She looked good in that red dress, so I fucked her in it.

This morning I had a brain wave. I’m going to fuck her in all her hot dresses, one by one.

I’ve noticed that is it possible to arouse in a woman a habit of being aroused. To get her worked up into a steady ready state. This is beneficial to the man, especially as she will associate her arousal with you.

In the past the way I’ve done that is to simply have a lot of sex, all day every day, and when out in public to continue with foreplay and even outright public dicking. Get every daily action associated with sex. Slap her ass in the grocery store. Make out on the beach. Have her give you a blowjob in the taxi cab or fondle you while on the back of the motorcycle. Make use of the semi-privacies of public toilets, the ocean, forests, train berths, car seats, and bring in a blanket for use on buses and airplanes.

But for a timid girl with an initial lower starting libido set point, the heat will have to be built up more slowly, and the anchors used to connect daily life with sex will need to be more subtle.

When she’s brushing her hair I might come up behind her and roughly manhandle all the parts that belong only to me, working her up into a bother and then pushing her away with a command such as “now do your work, I don’t have time for you”.

And today I will fuck her in her black dress. Tonight when we go out she will be wearing one of her fuck dresses. She will be covered in fuck.

I can see the changes in this girl – from being an asexual freak, to instigating sex, to initiating sex, to being in a more steady state of being aroused.

Sex is a trap. Sex is how you hold a woman. And it will increase your quality of life.