Nowadays relationships and even marriage are not about the kids. They are about attraction.

Solo: This is why divorces are 50%, this quote sums up society right now at it’s finest. Everyone is disposable everybody!. People marry because of attraction and status and not love and family. Just look at the crap that’s glorified on television. Jersey Shore, Teen mom, Basketball wives, The Kardishians. This is what young women and men are watching. It’s filth

You view the cause of culture as cultural, but consider that there may be another cause. Technology gives different options.

Are people more motivated by opportunity, or by culture? It seems to me that young men and women are more likely to follow opportunity than to do even what their parents and peer group tells them they should. Technology has altered what are the opportunities in the sexual marketplace.

It used to be that sex was coupled with pregnancy. Women did not have the opportunity for casual sex without consequence. It used to be that having a baby came with a need for a lifetime provider. Technology has allowed for an economy in which the woman can earn her own money. Or she can just get an abortion. Or the state (which grew out of industrial organization) can provide.

Back when farming was invented, culture quickly adapted to the new opportunities that this provided. The same thing happened during the industrial revolution. Culture is not just a gossipy group agreement; it is an adaptation to what people are ALREADY doing. People are going to do what they do regardless of culture. Culture is just an explanation after the fact to describe what people are already doing.

The reasons that people do what they do are not because of the after the fact explanations. The reasons are technological.

Heartiste did a post where he attributes the fact of younger women divorcing at higher rates than women who enter marriage at an older age to the fact they they have greater opportunities to find a new partner at a young age. Women who are closer to the wall realize they’d just better shut their mouths and keep the offer they already have.  Again – culture is not about right and wrong. It’s simply about opportunity.

As evidence that it isn’t culture that causes culture, but is technology, look at how very different cultures all across the globe have reacted to the introductions of the birth control pill and the service economy. You’ll see the same progressions of changes that the west has gone through.

Even strict Muslim teenage girls in coconut grove villages in Indonesia are now on the pill and playing with more than their boyfriends fingers. And using the internet to hunt for a rich boyfriend.

Women are amoral creatures who decide for themselves what opportunity is in their best interest.  Women with options are in fact not choosing to marry for the children.   They marry for attraction, and stay married either for attraction or for lack of opportunity.