It has been repeated enough times that it is now taken as common wisdom that a man shouldn’t buy drinks for girls he just met, or buy dinner before fucking the girl. There is also an ethos among habitual daters that you win more man points for spending as little money as possible.

That’s wrong.

A few years ago I had a health issue that required an expenditure of about fifteen thousand dollars over three months. I dealt with it by first investing that 15 thousand dollars into hiring employees, expanding my business, and increasing my income. That made it so that the increased expense did not diminish my budget one penny. Nowadays my income is more than tripled, and my workload is less than one third of what it was.

Rather than decrease your expenses with women, why not increase your income to more than cover the costs?

Here are some advantages you can get when your income far exceeds your monthly expenses:

* You can get a 2nd apartment with good logistics – close to the nightlife scene, or simply close to your first.

* You can fly girls in to your location. This greatly expands your online dating pool, which allows you to screen for girls who fit your niches and kinks

* You can offer some distant bisexual use of your fabulous 2nd apartment in exchange for arranging the occasional threesome. You may even keep her fridge stocked, if that’s your whim.

Remember, if money were no object and you would not miss it, why not? For the principle of the thing? There is no principle in life that says you must handicap yourself and make your life difficult. Life is easy. Life is good. Enjoy it. Make it work.

More advantages of earning well above what you need:

* You can throw around money on dates as if it didn’t matter to you – because it actually doesn’t. You aren’t throwing it around in order to impress. It will impress, but that means nothing to you. You are throwing it around because there is no reason in the world why you shouldn’t enjoy some nice wine with your sushi, and there is no reason in the world why you shouldn’t have the company of a pleasant female to accompany your dinner. The cost of it doesn’t enter your mind, because it means nothing to you.

As for buying a girl you just met a drink, the only rule of thumb is: don’t supplicate. Don’t purchase attention. That’s it. There is no rule of thumb that says you should get the bang for as little buck as possible. If you had unlimited money, why would you impose such a restriction? For the sheer mean spiritedness of it? Make life easy for yourself. Make life easy for others. Life is good.

Now, the only caveat to this is that money can get in the way of intimacy. Personally that’s why I avoid paying for sex. Not only is there a greater feeling of accomplishment when you seduce without outright barter, but you are more likely to develop that pleasant sympatico, and get those greedy puppy dog eyes as she looks up at you while gobbling your dick. You want to have money be a part of the you that she is interested in. It’s not what is traded for her interest. It’s part of the whole fun lifestyle package that surrounds you and is part of how you deal with the world. And so it is required that you are proficient in all the usual ways of seduction. Money is not sufficient game in and of itself, but it does add interest. As women conflate finances with personality, the addition of money gives an edge to your existing “self”. The money won’t short circuit the requirement to build attraction, it will just add one more attractive component to your overall presentation.

I’m a penny pinching tightwad skinflint. I’m the reverse of a chump – I tend to get more value than I pay for. But that doesn’t mean that I have to hoard all my excesses just to win man points. Wealth is power – power to do what most can’t – power to make life easy.

Now I know that a lot of men are very precise in their demand that a woman love him for the “real me”. The news is that women don’t love in the same way that men do. Don’t project your masculine notions of intimacy onto females. Men are not more attracted to rich women, and so must strain to imagine that wealth can be felt to be a personality trait. To see women clearly requires a leap out from male solipsism. Females don’t untangle your finances from your deep personal essence, and love your ineffable wonder. They see a whole picture. If you’ve worked on your whole picture, you will still be lovable without cash. But cash is always additive. Don’t be embarrassed to add to an already good thing.

And go to the gym.