When men get focused on a task, we can really get focused. When a group of men is working together to improve their Pick Up Artistry skills, you get not only competing ideas and emphasis, but you also get nerd level concentration and single mindedness.

The danger in concentration is missing the bigger picture.

In all things, the biggest picture is always happiness. What will produce the greatest life satisfaction.

Some say that PUAs focus on women is so extreme that it implies outright worship of the pussy. I don’t spin it that way, and am inclined to view it more along the lines of knowing what you want and getting good at going after it. But depending on your starting point, that might be two ways to say the same thing. That’s basically a value judgment spin on the value of focusing on pussy. Without the value judgment, the word “worship” is easily replaced by a more neutral and equally valid expression, such as “want”.

However from the bigger picture of what is a balanced and useful focus, I agree that PUAs can be too focused on the pick up part of dealing with women. That is only a minute part of dealing with women, and yet to some seems to be the only aspect they are interested in. Getting the bang, then moving on.

We must step back here and question the emotional and hedonistic value of the LTR over the one night stand and quick fling lifestyle.

Romance and affection increase life satisfaction more that anything else.

Of course excitement and novelty also increase satisfaction, however I’m a believer that one needs at minimum bouts of genuine romance.

The PUA who is focused on pick up, neglects the bulk of value of interaction with women. Who is going to reside in his slumber as a warm companion, then show up at his bedside with a lovingly prepared meal? Who will wait for him to finish before diving in bed for the ritual breakfast fuck? Who will be there on quiet nights in, watching TV and surfing the net, just silently sharing the simple pleasure of being?

To be fair, the bulk of men on manopshere blogs and forums are not focused on pick up. We are broadly concerned with the various pleasures, pains and strategies of dealing with the good, the bad, and the gerbil infested ugliness of women.

However some PUAs are hyper focused to the point of geeky nerd-dom on the .5% of dealing with women that occurs within the first 10 minutes of meeting. These are the extreme PUAs, quick to goad each other on to great success, and quick to dismiss those who don’t share their focus as great failures. These are the masters of the admirable art of the cold approach.

It’s perfectly possible to rarely cold approach yet still find a large enough dating pool from which to select one or several girls for an LTR or MLTR and for flings. Especially if you live outside of the west, where online dating can get you many fine girls. That is one viable strategy. Others have found that lifestyle changes can bring plenty of women to them, such as through being a bartender, being in a band, or any number of high value highly social positionings. Of course if you add to that cold approach skills, your dating pool can only greatly increase. However the useful cold approach skill will to the serial dater make very little difference. He’ll choose between one large pool of dates, or a much larger pool. The skills the serial dater needs are the longer term day to day skills of maintaining attraction, building bonds, and molding the woman to be caring, feminine, and doting.