It’s funny how some bloggers will in one breath expound on the value of pre-selection, but in another come back to the position that all attraction reduces down to confidence.

The bias is held so firmly it must be some sort of ego protection. We build up mental maps that we inhabit, as if the map was our personality, and any attack of our map is a direct attack to our being. The notion that confidence is a magic wand that can wave away all negativity with the power of thought is seductively attractive. If you believed that, that would definitely increase your confidence. And confidence certainly is attractive, so there would be an advantage to having irrational self confidence. If irrational self confidence is for you, then willful ignorance will be too.

I’ve lately been surprised to see some respected writers fall prey to this very human condition.

So yeah, I’ve taken it on myself to kill that meme. Many of my blog posts lately have been about that. There are many attractive traits. That used to be obvious common sense.

Preselection is such a strong attraction trigger to women that there are private eye businesses that use it as a key seduction aid. In Japan, you can hire a private eye service to seduce your wife, take pictures of her infidelity, and provide you with witnesses and documentation in order to make the divorce decision fall in your favor. They have an extremely high success rate in this seduction. Their key is to first prep the woman with having other girls befriend her. These girls will then talk up the man.

If you were running such a company, and weren’t trying to showcase your seduction talents, but were running a business where paying clients expected results, what other attraction triggers would you be sure to push?

The Japanese business of course has the man dressed well. He is model handsome, fit, and well groomed. He is said to be wealthy. And during his seduction he is the host of a party in posh digs, attended by all the pretty female plants, who all show sexual interest in him. The plants go so far as to do another part of the man’s job for him, by lowering the girls anti-slut defense; telling her she should let loose and go for it. After all, they would!

It’s an irresistible combo.

There is no shame in making your seduction go smoother. Yes, in sports we often like to handicap ourselves. But sex is more than a sport. It’s also an accomplishment, in and of itself. Just win already.