My contention on this blog has been that humans are a system of castes. We have those in our community and local gene pool now who are genetically predisposed to take the penguin monogamous high investment strategy, and those predisposed to take the sea lion winner take all the women strategy.

We are not a homogeneous group, and as dailysatanist points out, mathematical game theory suggests that evolution will never allow us to be.

At this point in history the walruses are having an easier time getting laid with the hotties than the penguins. This causes cognitive dissonance for the penguins who want to get laid, as they don’t like the walrus style, and don’t want to be walruses. Game rubs betas the wrong way – the whole setup disgusts them, and there is nothing they can do.

I doubt I can help with that, but the way I try is to again and again put forth an alternate vision of being a man in the world, in the hopes that it will eventually appear acceptable and palatable. I’m the protagonist of a walrus novel, and I hope even some penguins will be so swept into the story as to have some sympathy and empathy for the walrus way. And maybe even learn to incorporate some walrus tricks.

The beta way is to follow and fit in to form society wide coalitions that distribute virgin pussy and enforce lifetime monogamy. That doesn’t work as well today where we have anonymous urban living, women earning their own money, and birth control. The coalition is powerless to attract tight hotties into traditional marriage with virgin men, and to keep wives from straying with 1/2 the man’s lifetime earnings in pocket.

Nowadays men must learn the tricks and the trade of the walrus, and learn how to attract and keep women without the aid of the coalition.