Sometimes there is no profit in pidgeon holing what characteristics are “alpha”, or “beta”. However the broad concepts have some use to men, obviously. Being alpha, as the term is used on manosphere blogs, means being attractive to women. It’s useful to know what aspects of personality are charming.

Women are attracted to selfishness and a personality that has the power to get away with being selfish.

And so here I’ll again introduce a counter intuitive idea. Spectator sports are beta.

I agree that some aspects of sports are masculine. But is masculine equal to alpha? I think not. Males have paternal ways of being nurturing, protecting, and providing. On manosphere blogs we categorize the provider traits as beta, and contrast that sexual strategy against the rogue cad seducer attitude, which gets lumped in with alpha traits. My idea is that alpha traits are defined by selfishness.

Testosterone causes an increase in selfish behaviors
, and many of the behaviors that we categorize as alpha have a defining characteristic of being individual oriented.

I think we can all imagine a group of teenagers railing off their sports teams stats and drooling in homo-erotic fandom as they share their group fascination with their heros, and quickly see those sports fans as lacking in individuation, and leaning heavily into the group oriented follower side of personality. Trying to fit in and using a group oriented concern to fit in.

The idea to ponder is individuation versus following the group.

Humans have a contingent hive mind – without which our groups would never be able to survive group crisis. However this hive mind aspect is marked by being a drone and a follower. That aspect should be contingent on crisis, not a default mode of being. Spectator sports exemplify a follower mindset.

It may seem that the point of this post is to diss the slope headed football jocks and violent soccer hooligans as all being drunk on blindly following authority, for the lock-stepped thrill of belonging.

That’s about right.

But it’s also about clarifying masculinity into it’s component aspects. The selfish, rogue, individualist side of masculinity, and the protective, fierce, group oriented side.

Alphas are rogues.