I want to buy land, create a bamboo plantation, buy heavy equipment to process the bamboo into bamboo composite cabinetry, flooring, and plywood, and use the materials to build bamboo hulled and decked and outfitted boats, from small personal craft up to 40 feet luxury live aboard catamarans.

I thought you wanted to sail and get pussy. Why do you want the headache of running a bamboo factory?

Good question.

Short answer; more money. Longer answer; drive to conquer more of the world and be a bigwig. Also I have a particular infatuation with bamboo. And how cool would it be to show up for the beach party in your all bamboo catamaran, be hailed as “Captain Bamboo”, and invite the beach girls aboard to see pictures of your plantation. “Yes Captain Bamboo!”

Maybe there is a “take over the world” combination of genes.

On a philosophical note, many people take on the attitude that attitude is just an attitude. That you don’t need to be a big wig, all you need to do is to feel like a big wig. Or that game trumps money, in other words. I don’t entirely agree. I see distinct realms between outward success and inward confidence in personal charisma, and see that outward success is distinctly valuable, and distinctly attractive. There is no shame in wanting that particular type of useful success, and it is willful ignorance to deny the utility of it – especially the utility of it for attracting women. I’m not saying that one needs money in order to be attractive – I’m just saying that it is a useful tool, quite distinct from the secondary characteristics such as confidence that it engenders. People run all sorts of specialized attraction games – money need not be part of it. It’s just willful ignorance that holds so tightly to ones personalized non-money style of game that denies the socio-sexual value of wealth, and it’s that deliberate ego sparing ignorance that refuses see what money can do. And money can be displayed such that it intertwines with status and style. Don’t just earn money from a farm – arrive in style on a magnificent boat created on your farm, and be famous in town as Captain Bamboo. Own a chunk of the world, and be famous for owning that chunk.

Westerners of some cultures, including my home country of Canada, are raised to be guilty of ambition, guilty of standing out, guilty of being a big wig. Westerners are taught to be humble. And then there is the whole “accept yourself as you are in order to be better than you currently are” self esteem movement. Much of common culture smells of slave morality.

If it is part of your personality to see the world as virgin territory awaiting for you to make it real by conquering and owning it, drop any residual guilt about rising up too far above the crowd and instead learn to rise above the crowd with verve and panache. Those ambitious traits are useful – more so than your sexual competitors want to admit.