Some girls carry a volcanic sexual heat. One of my favorites would have spontaneous orgasms when I would loudly spank her ass in the grocery store aisle. She would also have them in the checkout line. She’d start coming within 30 seconds of fucking, and would come and come for as long as I’d fuck her. We’d fuck several hours a day. She could handle all the intensity I could bring her. And role playing? There was no role too taboo for her. Bring it on. Sex in public was frequent. Blowjobs in taxicabs were routine, and we took taxicabs routinely. She wore no panties in public, and I dressed her up in short skirted maids outfits with a leather dog collar. It was outrageous. She was outrageous. We were outrageous. A real celebration of passion. The heat between us was palpable – you could feel it come off of us as we walked by.

That girl was number one, but numbers two and three were similar. Spontaneous orgasms while giving head, dressing up in costumes for going out, outrageous public displays, intense sexual power and stamina. And the next 7 in the top ten list didn’t slouch.

Other girls never really let go. A full flow of energy never rises up to their heads and through their arms and out in a glow around their body and into their lovers bodies. They instead struggle just to get enough pelvic heat rising to fire off a quick orgasm, which will then leave them too exhausted to enjoy further sex.

It’s been studied that you can tell if a woman is orgasmic or not by how she walks. The fact of sex – be it mind blowing deep orgasmic sex, or weak thin pea soup sex – is imprinted into a persons musculature.

You know what’s sexy? Sex is sexy. Britney spears had a good body back in her day, but her choreographed dancing was not sexy. She was flailing about on stage, with her perfect plastic body, but she didn’t have the heat.

Sex is the heat. The heat is sexy.

Some woman carry around a volcanic, powerful sex. You can feel it with your eyes, you can smell it on her, and you’ll feel it on your skin as she walks by. A magnetic heat.