Some people are masters at feeling. They use their internal emotions and sensations artistically, and in their expressions of them can make you feel intensely. There is a charming allure to a playful display of intensity.

Check this guy out.

Notice how he fully embodies his emotions, yet does so with control and skill and a playful passion. He isn’t holding back. Intriguing and inviting style, isn’t it?

The best lovers fully let go, yet do so with complete control, moving energies around in their own body and in their lovers bodies with controlled, intense art.

You can see it in the brightness and clarity of someones eyes – how willing to be present they are. To feel deeply, but not be overwhelmed and out of control by having feelings. To make music out of sensation. Calm music, ecstatic music, silent music, wild music.

People who can feel intensely with control are artists.