But don’t looks and money contribute to game? If you feel like a sexy bitch, and you got excess loot to spend, doesn’t that bring your confidence up enough to tease the shit out of every girl you encounter?

The reason looks and money bring up confidence is because of the positive re-enforcement we receive from women for looks and money.

The reason we get positive re-enforcement from women for looks and money is because women actually find such attributes attractive.

This should be a no brainer, but instead some people ONLY allow themselves to legitimatize confidence, as the only truly existing valid attraction trigger.

It’s reasonable to assert that you can have success with women without height, status, money, good looks, social capital, leadership ability, and control over your environment, however the nothing except game exists denialists go much further, and say that outside of building confidence none of these traits are attractive in and of themselves.

It is then when confidence becomes a religion, and the true believers self-entardate.

Confidence is attractive, but confidence is not the ONLY thing that is attractive. It is helpful in order to be overconfident to deny this reality, but it is also willful ignorance. I find willful ignorance to be abhorrent, especially when it is in regards to maps of reality.

There is a magical word in the English language, that is of great intellectual power. The word is “and”. Confidence is attractive AND other traits are ALSO attractive.

Primates trade bananas for pussy, and they will trade coins that they can trade for bananas for sex, so we know that resources have been related to sex since before we had language. There are many scientific studies that address the many factors other than confidence that raise the sexual receptivity, arousal, and availability of women. Factors that don’t reduce down to confidence. You can even show the same picture of a man to women and their vaginal juices and self reported attraction will both change depending on the backstory you tell about the guy. Guess what the effect is if you claim he is rich?

Confidence is one attractive trait among many. It may be that it is a necessary trait, without which other traits hold less value. Like having a penis or not smelling like poo. We’ve all heard of the pretty boy who attracted women but turned them off as soon as he opened his mouth.

But that does not mean that all attraction is ABOUT confidence.

Attraction is about fitness. Confidence is an attractive trait because it, among other attractive traits, belongs to the domain of characteristics that denote fitness. The other attractive traits do not belong to the domain of confidence. How different your immune system is to the girl will affect how attractive she finds your smell.

When other traits are attractive to women, you’ll soon know about it. That will raise your confidence. The raised confidence will ALSO be attractive. This will lead to greater success with women, which will start a feedback loop of confidence, higher testosterone, and heightened attraction.

It’s one thing to say you don’t need money. It’s a much stupider thing to say that money is not attractive