False rape allegations are a good example of women using the law to help gain hand as a group over men.

You might argue that the tactic is merely pathological. However underlying the seeming pathology is a common strategy. Keep men afraid of the wrath of the spurned woman.

The “you break it, you buy it” attitude towards vagina is a female centric notion that is instinctive. Just as a newborn butterfly can instinctively migrate to a single tree thousands of miles away, women instinctively know that men must be forced, by any and all means necessary, into a “you break it you’ve bought it” mentality. Provisioning is the instinctive cost of pussy.

False rape accusations are just one extreme way to enforce this policy. “He didn’t call me afer. Rape!”

Update: Another common motivation is to claim rape in order to re-establish good girl cred and get back into the worthy-of-being-provisioned category. I didn’t gang bang the hockey team because I’m a slut, it was rape!

Update: And now we see this “you were leading me on with misrepresentation” false rape claim. Women demand compensation for pussy – if they don’t get it, it’s rape.