What type of duties And expectations should I demand ?

Well, what do you need in your life?

At this point I know what I do well and want to focus on, and what I want help with. I do the creative big picture entrepreneurial stuff, and I need employees and a mate to handle details. The mate gets gopher work, domestic duties, and sometimes light secretarial or simple fabrication jobs.

I have a strong expectation that the woman handle the cooking and cleaning. All of it. Oh, I might cook if I have a whim, but the expectation is that delicious meals are handed to me on time and with love and eager anticipation for praise.

Her job description allows for her arrange for help with her tasks or to sometimes fetch restaurant food instead of cooking. She manages her domain of responsibility, as long as my needs are satisfied.

Some girls will take up such an attitude from the first date, others will need acclimation. Use a combination of the fast and slow methods. The bucking bronco method of bending a woman to your will is to have hard and fast expectations and jump right on and accept nothing less. The slow method is to draw her in by gentle acclimation, graded step by gradated step, with no hint of the final outcome.

In order to combine the two approaches you simply keep your attitude of what you want and expect out of a girl, but don’t demand all of it from her in particular. Gently introduce her to duties. You might start by always ordering in food, but then ask her to cook a meal. If it sucks, don’t eat it. Have standards. Over time have her try again. Increase the frequency. Go shopping with her for food ingredients. Eventually have her go shopping by herself. Shop with her for cookbooks. If you are giving appropriate feedback and praising good behaviors consistently and ignoring most bad behaviors and angrily punishing the most extreme negative behaviors, eventually she will discover that all along she really wanted to cook you food.

She’ll take it as natural to her character to do something that was initially in opposition to her attitudes.

I needed large changes all around in my current girl, so I told her of my project. “I’m going to make a woman out of you”. My end goal was to have her change her tomboy fashion style to be sexy and feminine, change her fearful asexuality and reliance on pure heart based romance to a fusion of horny orgasmic passion with love, and change her proud fiery independent career oriented attitude to one of soft caring doting. I told her “I’m going to make a woman out of you”.

A year later she tells me how proud she is of the changes I’ve made in her, and she laughs to remember the girl she was.

Each step along the way as you see changes, praise. Praise, ignore, and punish, and go neither too slow nor too fast. Have your big picture, but go step by step.