Voxday made an insightful post where he points out that technology gives weapons unevenly in the battle of the sexes. He notices that since technology affects culture, that we can proactively create technologies to affect culture.

Here are some technologies that give men hand. Can you think of more?

* male contraception
* female economic disempowerment, through either technological collapse bringing about a devaluation of female labor, or new technologies that favor male strengths.
* alternate sexual releases for men, such as sex-bots or realistic whole body stimulation virtual reality immersions
* ability to earn income not bound to location through the internet, and therefore abandon unwanted children or escape personal threats, or skip out on divorce theft. The man must therefore be with or benefit the woman volitionally, and the girl must constantly prove her worth.
* ability to socialize on the net and get bidders to be mates from all around the world
* anything that gives men more of what a woman wants and that she can’t get by herself – be it resources, status by association, unusually good sex, excitement, romance, adventure, or even drama. So any technology that makes men relatively more economically powerful, higher in status, or have better charismatic skills.
* any technology that gives to men more of what they can currently only get from women.

I think you could count psychological tactics as a technology. Advantage to men also comes when men learn to psychologically manipulate women. A smart man can be many times superior than women in this, and can gain an overwhelming psychological advantage over his mate. We start out behind, but we can catch up and overcome women in this matter.

David Collard commented

The Internet allows men to compare notes across the world about their local women.

How could I have forgotten such a major game changer. Men can now network to get information on the female condition. This breath of experience would have taken the rare man who even tried decades of personal experience to get. And although I haven’t come across it yet, yes we could even network about the habits of specific women.