Communism is anti-evolutionary.

But we all need to maintain our communist leanings. Just watch A Christmas Carol and see how Ebenezer found his communist spirit.

Socialism is born from our innate desires to care for the less fortunate, and to be a contributing member of a group. It’s something you can take too far, and it’s something good that makes us human. Those leanings are nothing to create an economic system out of. Communism is anti-evolutionary as it protects the weak, and yet we did evolve those leanings through group selection – one group of us competing against another. It’s helpful to the group to have a hive mind. Especially when it is a contingent hive mind where personal sacrifice kicks in during crisis or special events, and is not a default state.

Our socialist leanings help to make for a good Christmas. We need them in order to feel that special brand of good.