Hi Xsplat,

I’ve stumbled upon this comment of yours:

Which reminds me of a game principle that I invented. Get the girl to physically act in ways the show she is in love with you.

You know how it’s said that if you smile, your mood will improve?

Same principle.

Enforce the outward, and the inward will follow.

Have you already discussed this principle on your blog? If so, where? If not so, would you please write some practical examples?

I touched on the idea here https://xsplat.wordpress.com/2011/08/12/the-architectural-tone-of-your-relationship/ .

The idea is a basic principle, and if you grok it you can improvise with it. You’ve probably heard that if you smile, you’ll be more cheerful, and if you frown, you’ll be more down. How we hold ourselves and what we do is actually interpreted by our brain as meaning that we had the inner state and inner intention to do those actions.

So the trick is to get the girl to behave as if she is head over heels in love. That will get her to interpret her actions such that she is.

The prime and most important example of this is to get her accustomed to taking commands. Get her to act doting. Depending on the girl, it can take her time to get acclimated to this attitude, but start where you can and build on it. With proper reinforcement for good behaviors, ignoring most bad behaviors, and punishing the worst, she’ll find herself happy in her new attitude, and wondering why she was ever different.