We know that society adapts to technological changes, and we know that social and technological changes create evolutionary pressures. Our current social structures are heavily influenced by very recent technological changes, such as the service economy, anonymous urban living, and birth control. Our ancient moral codes and predispositions to life strategies were not evolved in this environment. We are seeing new winners and losers in todays sexual marketplace, and the lines are often drawn by moral and personality predispositions. As recently as our parents generation the best sexual strategy for men was clearly to be a stable provider. Today we are entering the era of the pick up artist, the cad, and the serial monogamist.

Not to say that the time of the family man has passed. Just that dating conditions no longer favor him as strongly. Men who want relationships with young fertile women need to incorporate ancient mating strategies now. In an era where women are freed from economic need and the needs imposed by unplanned pregnancies, men can no longer be merely stable providers. We need game.

The strategies the family-men must rediscover are pre-agrarian. Perhaps pre-hunter/gatherer. As the value of being a good stable provider has been weakened, young attractive women with no urgent need to settle are voting with their pussies for primal displays of dominance and sneaky-fucker social skills.

Some of us will more easily adapt to this new marketplace – in fact some will fit right in – as it is our natural niche. Others must work harder to adapt and find their new workable strategy.

Rollo: A woman’s love is contingent upon our capacity to maintain that love in spite of a woman’s hypergamy

There was a time when the sexual strategy of relying on the norms of the community to help keep your partner mated to you was successful. But nowadays marriage is less effective, and men who want to maintain such bonds must take on more personal responsibility for the effort. Nowadays we must maintain attraction, through charisma, dominance, psychological ploys, economic advantage, and as many other attractiveness triggers as we can manipulate.

Game is not an option.