‘Tis hard overcoming the urge to possess long-term though. What all this amounts to is sexual nomadism. That would be fine if we were real nomads, but we are still sedentary, and tangible possession is the primary urge of the settled; the town built around the grain store is a living monument to tangible property.
I guess this is why the alphas who can afford it recommend a nomadic lifestyle. Roosh has it going.

Sexual nomadism. What a great conceptual handle.

I wonder if it’s a coincidence that I’ve lived a nomadic lifestyle for most all my adult life. I’ve always felt very happy leaving places. I’ve lived for years at a time in a trailer house on wheels parked in large open spaces near the city, when not on the road. And I usually stay only a year or two in a city here in SE Asia.

You’ve got me wondering if nomadism could be a personality trait.

The BBC show on twins was on again last night. Wow, that show hits hard as to how some traits are hard wired. Its freaky the first time you watch it, freaky the second time, and still freaky the third.

Nomadic versus agrarian temperaments. What a concept.