One of the benefits of game for me has been to absorb the mindset that it’s OK to want sex and to go get it.

You’ve hit a nail. Some people will argue that regarding relationships, it is a thought crime to know what you want and to directly go after it.

It’s a very odd superstition.

I’ve found that the same people often have many thought roadblocks in their world map, and often subscribe to magical thinking. Especially of the positive thinking brand. I call such positive-thoughts-only-magical-thinking “the Peter Pan principle”. If you only just believe real hard, anything is possible! Girls ONLY value confidence, therefore all you need to do is believe real hard that you are confident!

And the thought roadblock comes in when you point out other real attraction triggers, as that destroys their magical thinking worldview where reality is entirely constructed by thoughts. Money? No! That’s not a real attraction tigger. Money is only a proxy for confidence!

And then there is the flip side of this magical thinking, where people say that you should be a “real” alpha. Meaning the display of confidence and social skills (game) are fake attraction triggers, and the only valid ones are “real”, and relate to being a high value leader of men.

The basis of all this is of course that people don’t value or seek truth. They value and seek status, and use arguments to bolster the value of whatever sexual strategy they have chosen. Be it outward or inward.

Confidence is a real attraction trigger. But pure confidence game is not going to work for everyone. There are a myriad of attraction triggers. Confidence is not the sum and essence of them.

Handsome or otherwise high value men don’t need to work as hard to show value, and can simply project confidence in their value, if in their calibration of their environment and the girl they see that they are being perceived as valuable. Fitness and an attractive face and the markers of wealth display high value and are attractive. Those attraction triggers ARE game. If you display those, you can rely more on pure confidence, and will have less need of displaying high value through words and a display of very keen social awareness.

Whatever works is what works. The definition of game is exactly this; “whatever works”. There is not some working seduction that is game, and some that is not.

Whether you use the Peter Pan principle of boosting your confidence by inwardly denying the reality of all other attraction triggers, or whether you focus on working out, grooming, gaining status in a niche, creating wealth, and honing your social skills, every attraction trigger is a real attraction trigger.

And they are additive. Be rich, confident, socially savvy, and as good looking as you can be. No need for taking sides or denying any aspect of reality.

Peter Pan fucked the tooth fairy and died of syphilis.