Master gamesman Krauser has been waxing philosophical. A recent post has him quoting Ayn Rand as a springboard to explain that

For all the posturing of reasonably-successful PUAs about how women are snakes, sluts, love jerks etc they are really projecting their own broken moral compass onto the girls. Yes, girls have a certain predictable animal nature but they are also capable of submitting to effective leadership and having their characters remade into sweet sexy companions in life’s journey. Figuring out how to recognise such girls (Type 1s, and Type 2:1s) and then leading them to their potential is higher order Game. Creeping won’t work. When you hear a man hating on women he bangs, dripping with moralistic language, then it’s a fair bet he’s got some inner game work left to do.

I agree with his premise, and will restate it such that hedonism must include love to be the most effective. Or that celebration includes respect.

I’ve always found it strange that it’s not universally obvious that a man’s life well lived includes bonding and a woman or women who love him. There is a flavor of feeling good that is additive to all other flavors, and that you can’t get any other way. It’s like steak and salt. Sex is the steak, but without some salt, it’s not the most hedonistic experience you can make of it.

This is why I often advocate to men to not fuck around too much, as it’s prudent to not lose the ability to bond. A high partner count can be fine, casual sex can be fine, multiple LTRs, serial monogamy, all fine. It’s not exactly what you do, it’s your approach. And it’s possible that too much approach can fuck up a man’s hedonistic imperative. Too much not being defined by quantity, exactly, but correlating with it. Too much chocolate, or too much booze might be similar. Too much variety can deaden rather than heightens pleasure, and nuances get flattened. But sexually too much is more than satiation getting in the way of renewed pleasure. It’s about forgetting to delve into at least some romance.

I also like his idea of owning a woman’s heart, mind, body and soul as a high expression of hedonism.

You can sex girls on two different planes of existence – it can be a mutually life-affirming experience of joy, or it can be a frenzied animal coupling to bust a nut and placate the demons for a few more days. The former draws a girl into your reality for complete soul collection, the latter gives flighty, flakey, psycho fuck buddies that disappear into the ether.

I agree. This is one of life’s finer pleasures, and it is a pervasive pleasure, that stays with you in quiet moments, moments of solitude, when you fall asleep and wake, and even into some dreams. It is in your body, and it is a feeling of feeling good.

Life with a refined knowledge of the advantages of affection is better. A man is not a real man – not a full man – unless he is a master of affection.