Some people are genetically pre-disposed to respect authority. I’ve linked to some studies of this many times, so you’ll have to either dig for them or google “genetic basis for moral traits” to learn more. I’ve been trying to bring these genetic moral predispositions to general awareness, but there seems to be an unstoppable mental antipathy towards the idea that ideas have genetic foundations.

Some men have the authority loving gene, and some don’t. I vaguely remember that it’s roughly 40% of men who have it.

Following and obeying is a beta trait. Social conservatives are born beta.

Conservatives also are more likely to have the purity gene, which is an enhanced sense of disgust, which broadens out into a disgust of “impure” sexuality. If that’s the way you are born, those feelings are not going to change. Those mental constructs are not memes that brains became infected with – they are innate predispositions. I believe that the purity gene is counter productive to satisfying dating in today’s sexual marketplace, and those cursed with it feel an intense dissatisfaction for social mores which allow for fucking around.

I believe that humans are not just a bunch of folks with different ideas. We are a bunch of castes, born to have in-alterable predispositions. That used to work, when society was structured differently. The purity lovers ganged together into socialist unions and attempted to enforce a one-woman per man lifetime monogamy, ensuring that unionized members got at least some poon. Nowadays the purity and authority loving men are fucked. Their union has been busted, and due to changing technologies such as the pill, anonymous urban living and the service economy that gives women freedom from economic need and freedom from gossip and freedom from pregnancy, so-cons genetic sexual strategy now has no more ability to work. It’s impossible to motivate men and women with shame only. The so-con motivators of tight social cohesion and economic rewards for mothers from one man have been mortally weakened. And this causes cognitive dissonance and an inability to face reality and adjust to it. How can you adjust to something that disgusts you?

I believe that a person can adjust to reality, love women as they are. Not love just “good” unicorn women, but love actual woman who all have the innate nature of being cunning and conniving self interested gold diggery amoral hypergamous devilish whores who will cheat on your or divorce you and steal your wealth or bitch at you for no reason or just generally be troublesome and difficult to manage like an irrational spoiled child at the terrible two stage. I believe people can both see clearly the ugly side of female nature, and love and get along with women. Women can be successfully managed.

I also believe that social conservatives don’t do this well. They use rose colored glasses and moral codes to navigate an ugly world. And in today’s world, this navigation process fails.

Social conservatives have relied on society to do their work of seducing, dominating, and leading women for them. But those social buttresses are forever gone.

And so men must learn the masculine arts of leading the minds of women. Leading without the aid of churchy social conventional support, without the aid of financial incentive for mating, and without the aid of sex producing lifetime bonds. Or even of children producing lifetime bonds. Can so-cons learn to adapt and to love leading women without social support?

I think not. I think their sexual strategy is now largely maladaptive, and causes them cognitive dissonance that they will find no remedy for. Other than bouts of blissful ignorance and long stretches of empty hope.

Update: Johnny Milfquest made my day by posting a youtube reading of this post with commentary. The inflection in his reading voice is great – and seems to add to the comprehension. I now wish my internal reading voice weren’t so flat and bland. Although occasionally when drunk on lack of sleep, the reading voice will alternate between Simpsons characters. He also provided an interesting related link: