The man is responsible for holding and creating the mood of his household.

One trick to have your woman feel surrounded by a balance of secure love and erotic excitement is to use an anchor object.

Go to your hardware store and purchase some extension cable wire, switches, lamp sockets, plugs and sockets. Create a hanging or standing lamp of your own design. It could be a simple string of sockets that hangs from your ceiling, or a single bulb on a bottle. I like to use low wattage incandescent bulbs for this project, either white or colored. Fifteen watts can work. This is an ambiance light, not a reading light.

Then create simple lampshades out of rolled up white art paper. Use watercolor paints on this paper. You can paint on the flat paper, but I like to paint on the already rolled up tube as I like the effects of gravity dripping the paint. Another effect is to paint with salad oil, which will render the paper translucent where it touches. Do this project with your woman. Friends may be invited to try their hand.

Don’t worry if your drawing and craft skills are clumsy and childish. That’s part of the whimsy. You’ll find that it’s hard to go wrong with this project, as the overall effect of colored light is entrancing. Imagine a back-yard evening party. Now imagine it with paper lanterns.

The reds and greens and yellows of these lampshades will create a mood. That you created this project together is an emotional anchor that will remind her of how the two of you fill the space with positive emotion.

You can’t achieve the same effect with a store bought artifact.