The dried-up hags in their 30s you refer to are looking for long-term substance, while you fellas are looking for a fling.

Mike C:

OK, whatever. But again, why do you care? If a bunch of older guys (30-40) are avoiding the dried-up hags why do you give two shits about that?

Because what she is fighting against is the male condition, and females have subroutines built right into their brains that are designed to do just that. Females ally into a troupe that acts as a union. Or a mafia, if you will. And they rally to limit the social system, to be in their favor.

Males do the same.

But these brain subroutines specialized to gossip about and affect society evolved mostly when our tribes were small, and everybody knew everybody.

The idea of anonymous people who don’t count doesn’t really exist to these subroutines.

Everyone counts – and must be swayed by female propaganda. Or male, if you belong to that beta class of lifetime monogamy enforcers (who largely ally with the feminine imperative).

The cad and slut strategy largely relies on anonymity. On the net, we have a brand new type of anonymity. Honest, open, factual anonymity.

That spins the social enforcing subroutines into a tizzy.