At times I’ve had in mind trading up to a hotter girlfriend, and was waiting for my status to rise to make my move.

I can hear the keyboard jockeys sputtering already – but – but – but with game, you don’t NEED status.


For me, higher status enables me to aim higher. End of that conversation. When I can move up, that’s when I’m likely to.


You will never rise up in status while you believe you need to rise up in status.

High status people are high status because of their internal beliefs, not their external achievements.

Oh God, here we go.

I’ll never rise in status as long as I believe that I need to rise in status?

What kind of Jim Carey mumbo jumbo new age bullshit “I create my reality through positive visualizations” coolaid did you swallow?

Working hard on my business raises my business. It doesn’t rise from prayer and visualization and positive mental beliefs and shamanic rain dancing. My consistent hard work was what was effective, and my business did improve. And along with it my status, as evidenced by the outward displays of status, including control over employees and property.

I was getting laid fine when I was broke. But when I had a girlfriend living with me in an eight hundred dollar A YEAR unfurnished hovel in the middle of nowhere where the only furniture was an old twin foam mattress on the floor of one of the rooms along with a blue 14 inch TV, my prospects for upgrading were not as good as when I had two centrally located luxury apartments and a renovated and staffed office.

But noooooooooooooooooo. That was all in my head.


It’s as if you either don’t know, or don’t want to know the difference your pad can make. I’ve had a regular fuck buddy come to my new hotel, and refuse to fuck me as it was too downscale. At the time I also had two other cute girlfriends, and my mojo, confidence, and charisma were flowing fine. I’ve had another girl take one look at the inside of another bungalo and tell me flat out that it wasn’t good enough for her. I still made my moves and got a finger wet, but I would have done much better in a better pad.

The first time I had an entrepreneurial high swing I was surprised to have first dates start telling me what a “great personality” I had. Throwing around what was to me petty pocket change on wine and food and whatever I had a whim to buy apparently improved my personality. My fat wallet was the male equivalent of big firm titties, and made me a genuinely fascinating human being. And that contributed to getting laid. Wealth and power and status are in and of themselves attraction triggers. They will attract her to YOU. You as a person.

When you don’t have enough money for new shoes and have to cut your own hair, you can get laid.

When you have enough for anything you can think of, you can get laid more, by more women.

I’ve done very well when flat busted dirt poor broke. Even with the love hovel rats that would nibble on our toes while we slept to test if we were dead enough to eat, the hot young girls would still cut my toenails and smile when they brought me breakfast. It’s no grand revelation that how you carry yourself affects your attraction and what you can pull.

But if you don’t know the difference that money can make, you’ve never had money.

But I don’t need to start this conversation from scratch. It’s been done before:

I’m not impressed by confidence boosting attempts at self hypnosis that rely on blocking out aspects of reality. “Money makes no difference as long as I have inner-game!” All attraction triggers that work belong to the category of all attraction triggers that work. There is not one subset of attraction triggers that is more real than the other. Inner game is not more real than outer game. Outer game is not what categorizes you as a “real” alpha. Whatever works in reality is what works. And reality is enough. We don’t have to limit or augment it. Reality is plenty to work with.

When a concept brushes up against our sense of self in an abrasive way, we brush it off. If your sense of self is invested in either inner or outer game, you won’t want to open your eyes. This will limit your tool set.

Every attraction trigger is a real attraction trigger. There are not some that are more real than others, and attraction triggers do not reduce down to one main essence called confidence. Confidence is ONE attraction trigger, that can do a lot.

Again – it’s helpful to bullshit yourself into believing that confidence is the 100% sum of game. For some, that bullshit will help them hypnotize themselves into a hyper confident mental outlook.

But you don’t NEED to bullshit yourself, in order to maximize the benefit of confidence. You can realize and admit and acknowledge other real attraction triggers, without getting all wheezy and weak. A weak minded person with tissue thin confidence needs to bullshit himself, but any one with a stronger ego can afford to realize more reality without crumbling from the inside out.