In looking over my site stats I noticed someone had read this old post on apana, prana, and kundalini that I wrote in 2006.

Reading it was enough to get me to pay attention again to those energies. That and the energetic fire aroused by the hot 18 year old best friend of my 22 year old lover who hung out with us at bowling and karaoke yesterday.

I’ve enough experience with those kinesthetic visualizations that it takes little focus to have them running in the background. Like driving a car. I can even mentally tap out a beat on my sacrum along with music and have fire shoot up my spine.

It’s a big quality of life improvement. Its a buzz that has an element of bliss to it.

So why not go back deeper into that?

Well, doing that makes me fucking horny as hell, all the time. And my mate isn’t the kind of girl that’s up for it. And now she’s a live in, so getting side girls is a logistical challenge.

When I live with that fire, I want to fuck basically all the time. That has worked out quite well in the past, because I’ve had very hot girls who also wanted to fuck, all the time.

Now I have a hot girl with a moderate libido who after coming once needs a long refractory period before being very arousable.

So – fire, or no fire?