Women behave badly. Women are difficult to deal with. The current culture is a culture of shitty women.

But the current culture is also one where men don’t know how to handle women. In fact just talking about how to handle your woman is taboo, and labeled misogyny.

Young men, if I may, let me offer some advice. Spend your life learning to become an alpha male who can handle women. Keep your heart able to be romantic – don’t fuck around TOO much, or you’ll lose your ability to bond and de-emphasize much needed long term relationship skills. But keep dating. Keep your dating social skills sharp and growing throughout your life.

Eventually you’ll find that women are manageable. What you thought was a problem with women, you’ll eventually find was a problem of not being able to manage women.

Yes, you will need Jedi level skills. Does that intimidate you? You can do it, if you put in the effort.

Modern times have given us men different managerial challenges. Women earn their own money, can fuck without getting pregnant, and there is a welfare state – so sex is divorced from being taken care of. And girls natter to each other advice to leave their good mates. These challenges can be met. You can arrange your life such that your job is portable, and you can cut out and leave a girl stranded. You can out earn your girl and get her to cut back on her hours or leave work to focus on attending to you. You can work with the architecture that works against you. You can set up a financial and lifestyle structure that gives you hand, and you can set up your household so that you are the man in charge who has options and she is afraid to lose you.

The principle skill you will need is being in charge. You’ll have to accustom your woman to taking orders.

So I’ll make a list, and put that at number one, and update it as other ideas occur.
1) Always be giving her commands. Commands to serve your needs, such as “make me breakfast” and commands to serve her needs. If she says “I’m tired”, and starts to lie down to rest, affectionately say “take a sleep”. Spin her decision into your command.
2) Tell her what to wear, both around the house and when she accompanies you out.
3) Don’t believe her brinkmanship gambits.
4) Believe your own brinkmanship gambits.
5) Undercut her hand by removing her ability to carry out threats. Keep your finances separate and untouchable, always have escape routes, have some videos of you having consensual sex.
6) Be decisive and lead. Out of the blue say “We’re going out. Wear your white dress”.
7) Manhandle her a lot. During sex, and outside of sex.
8. When out with her, have her hold the correct posture – holding your upper forearm.
9) Use guilt to keep her doing enough work
10) Use dread to keep her feeling other girls would work harder for you.
11) Keep yourself attractive, so that could realistically pull a new replacement girl at any time.
12) Have the power in the relationship. Whoever needs the other person less has the power.
13) Say “I love you” no more than 1/4 as much as she does.
14) Fuck a lot. Know how to extend your fucking time as long as you want. Don’t come every time.
15) Be commanding when you fuck. Tell her things to say.
16) Do role playing, in and out of sex.
17) Occasionally make her jealous.
18) Know what is a shit test, know how to pass it, and never fail any shit test at the risk of everything. This will require you to be a stubborn bastard who would rather face extreme risks and lose than to give an inch. This works together with #5.
19) Don’t be afraid of being a person that she is afraid of. She should be afraid of you.
20) To the degree that you can show anger and indifference you can allow yourself to show love and care and concern. Don’t be afraid of extremes – the key is balance.
21) If she is asking for negative attention, give gentle feedback to stop it, then be patient several times, while giving more explicit feedback. If she persists, snap without warning and give her 100 times worse negative attention than she was asking for. It helps if this publicly humiliates her. Snapping without warning is a strategy to get her to watch her step because you are unpredictable and she doesn’t want to cross your line. Her making you pissed off only makes you lose if she isn’t afraid of it happening again. Cause her some sort of pain and loss that she didn’t want. Afterwords make it clear that if she treats you well, you’ll treat her well, and that if she treats you bad, you’ll treat her 100 times worse.
22) Ignore and don’t respond to most of what she says. If she tries to talk girl stuff with you, tell her “talk to your girlfriends about that”. Occasionally tell her to stop talking, or just hold a finger up to your lips. If she does not comply escalate to pinching her lips. If she still doesn’t comply, escalate again, up to physically throwing her out of your door. Girls need attention, but they don’t need attention on demand. It’s essential that she shuts the fuck up when you tell her to. “What are you thinking about?” needs no reply, and once properly conditioned to silence as a reply, she won’t press it. You talk when you want to talk; you aren’t some dancing puppet activated by a give-me-attention switch.
23) Generally hold a good and loving mood. If done right she will miss you even while shopping for groceries.
24) Punctuate your times of simple pleasures with extreme pleasures and adventures that lay down strong memories.
25) Keep an eye on her emotions. If she’s getting bored and listless despite your alternating the moods in your house, take her out.
26) Never promise monogamy.
27) Give frequent positive feedback, for even slight things she does that makes you happy. Praise every good meal and mean it. Say “good girl” when she is being a good girl. Make her feel valued and enjoy the feeling that you get from valuing her. Keep this as your default mood, expressed even by silence.
28) Watch the phrasing of your sentences. Every thing you say conveys a mood – each word bring up associations. Manage the moods through your words. You can take this to any level of subtlety. It’s worth it to know the principles of NLP and hypnotic suggestion.
29) Make positive suggestions, such as a cheefully exclaimed “we are happy people”, or “back home to our happy apartment”. These suggestions if said with force of genuine emotion become real. If you have good timing and voice control, you can even tell her that she loves you. Voice control means your voice needs to believe it. Timing means saying it was natural to the conversation or silence.
30) Regularly call her “woman”, as in “What the hell are you talking about, woman?”
31) Say unexpected things and make her laugh
32) Have a few catchphrases and stylistic quirks. Even the sound you make when you wake up in the morning or are tired can be a quirky noise that is an in-joke that reminds her of your uniqueness. Give her hooks to use to remember you with. Like any memorable TV personality, be a personality that has quirks and habits that are unique and celebrated.
33) Feed her hope that you will give her a bright future
34) Make mellifluous and sonorous low grunts of agreement.
35) Mate guard her and don’t give her opportunities to be tempted. She’s not some buddy you hang out with and expect good behavior from otherwise she’s “bad”. Like a child, her behavior is a reflection on what you inspire and what you allow. Keep an eye on the woman and never trust her. That’s your job as a man.
36) Do various subtle push pull maneuvers. Tell her “Go away, stop making me horny. Go take your pill. Go!” while your feet kick her off the edge of the bed.
37) Bring out the occasional sense of foreboding and loss. It could be by mentioning you going away, or death, or anything. Create images in her head and moods. It’s not safe to just be cuddly lovey all the time – you must alternate that with contrasting moods, such as loss, dread, and jealousy. If you are painting appreciation for you, realize that there is no light without contrasting darkness. But just use little dollops of pure black here and there. Your full canvas will be busy with other colors and shades.
38) Never say “I told you so”, and when you are proven wrong in a dispute, don’t point attention to it; just let it drop without apology. If you win a petty battle and conclude it with a gotcha, you’ve lost the war. She is under you, under your command. The second you say “I told you so” you frame it that she was not under you, but that she was your adversary. Being gracious displays your confident authority, and is an expression of how you hold the mood of your household. Youre woman won’t play I told you so games at you if you are a respectable authority.