What do men complain are the faults of modern women? What do men want in a girlfriend, mate, or wife?

This post will be a work in progress updated as I come across posts and ideas in the manosphere and in the comments section. The idea for this post is that rather than complain about how women are useless bitchy cunts, to show that a real man can do something about it and get exactly what he wants out of a woman. Exactly all of what he wants without compromise.

So what do we want and not want?

What men hate about modern women:
Being power grabbing ungrateful man-hating bossy shrews
They get fat and shame you for caring
Most can’t fuck
They are mercenary gold digging whores
Their brain contains a rationalization hampster RH RH RH RH whose job it is to deny reality and spin justifications for any insane idea that supports their best interest or self esteem
They are amoral
They collude as a sisterhood to maintain a matriarchal society
They treat beta males worse than shit
They treat alpha males who won’t commit worse than shit, with threatened suicide and false rape claims
They falsely represent themselves as precious unique snowflakes who aren’t like other girls
They’ll entrap you with an oops baby, then divorce you and take half your shit plus child support stealth alimony
They are attracted to bad boys
They friend zone and tease good boys
They are hypergamous and fickle
They are attracted to pre-selected men, and can prefer to fuck a married man than a lonely single guy

What men want:
A doting, kind, respectful woman who puts her mans priorities first. A woman who actively and consciously tries to make her man feel happy and good and have a good life.

Why we can get it:
There is a lack of strong men who can make a girl feel both protected and thrilled. It’s a buyers market for such men.

I posit throughout this blog that men can get what they want from women, if they have and use the skill set. Women can be trained, like wild animals, and can perform their womanly duties to everyone’s great satisfaction.

In evidence for this is how I slept last night and how I awoke this morning. My girl affectionately embraced my naked body as we lay sleeping and half asleep. In the morning she considerately inquired about my well-being, how my business concerns were doing, how my sleep was. About five sentences expressing interest and support, and after that a respectful silence. No gab. She then went to the kitchen to prepare a good breakfast – and I don’t mean scrambled eggs – I mean a real breakfast that a real cook who paid attention to cooking would make. With meat and chopped vegetables and fried rice and chicken livers and onions. Real food. After dozing off again she waited until I showed signs of life before coming in to gently kiss my face, and inform me that she was going out to do the chores that I had requested of her.

When she comes back it will be fucking time.

Life can be sweet. This woman was initially unbearable to be around, was bossy, and an asexual freak. Now she is pleasant, sensual and sexual, and not only doesn’t cause problems, but actively tries to make me happy. Exactly like I told her should be her mission in life.

I created what she is today. The skill set required to do this task is nearly lost knowledge. I know of no man who could do what I have done with this girl. Even getting her virginity (through near rape) was a task less than one good man in a thousand would have had the knowledge and experience and skill to accomplish.

Men, I want to teach you how to get what you want. I’ll work on this article to spell out what we want, try to give examples of how it is realistic to expect to get it, and I’ll do my best in this blog to show us men exactly what we need to do to get what we want.

Yes, it is worth it to deal with women.