A few weeks ago my girl found flirty messages to me on my cellphone. This pissed her off, but she was rightfully too afraid to confront me directly about it. I woke up to hearing her badmouth me to her sister on the phone. She was speaking Indonesian, but I was able to make out from the tone of her voice and a few words I know that her rant was negative. “I don’t know why I stay with him! He’s done some sort of voodoo on me!”

I was asleep and her ranting went on and on and forced me to wake up and berate her.

“If you are not happy, leave!” I bellowed.

I tore into her for waking me up, and let her know it was totally unacceptable for her to bad mouth me to her friends and family. I tried to force her hand and get her to get the fuck out of my life.

Brinkmanship. Use it.

What do you suppose the result of my anger was? Positive or negative?

When a woman is forced to choose, she will choose. She’ll stop being an entitled bitchy princess. Force your woman. Don’t take her shit.