The male female dynamic is naturally much more balanced and respectful if you start out with architecture that supports it.

The foundation of your relationship house is an age difference. The man is at least 10 years older.

The walls are an income differential. The man earns at least three times what the woman earns.

The roof is his alpha attitude. Any bad attitude from her and thunder rains down.

If you have honed your woman handling skills to high precision, you can move a girl in and have a fulfilling, workable, passionate relationship. You’ll be able to mold the girl to meet your needs, and you’ll be able to kick her out or walk if the situation fails to satisfy.

If you are not expert at maintaining hand, it’s risky to move a girl in, as she can gain hand over you by making monogamy certain, and then drive the relationship with her pussy.

You need to instill dread while living with a girl. A little relationship brinkmanship here, a little letting her see girls sending you flirtatious text messages there, and a general unrepentant bad boy attitude can keep her on just the precise amount of edge.

A major cost of not maintaining hand is diminished quantity and quality of sex.

I’ve never had sex diminish after moving a girl in. Moving a girl in is an arrangement that I’m so comfortable with and so confident that I can handily manage, that I’ve OFTEN moved girls in on the first date. It’s what I do and I’m good at it. Passion and sex life was always strong, with a few girls regularly giving blow jobs in taxi cabs, and most girls being in a near constant froth. Of the last 5 girls that I seriously dated 5 lived with me. The current has been with living me for the last 6 or 7 months and we are passionate and in love and every day is better than the last. The previous lived with me for five months and treated me like a god, before she finally freaked that my other girls were getting too much attention. The girl before her lived with me for a year before dying, and we were very close, extremely sexual, and very happy. Before that the live in lasted about 2 years before I got bored and left. The sex and blowjobs were frequent and on demand. Before that 6 months with some girl who wasn’t of importance, but we got along fine. Before that it was an average of 4 hours a day of sex with a hottie I lived with for a year.

The advantage of living with just one girl was summed up nicely last night by my live in; “I’m so happy that there are no other girls to bother us. Every day is like a honeymoon”. Living with one girl allows more intimacy, and if you are good at intimacy, intimacy can be very good to you.

The disadvantage is obvious. It’s difficult to arrange to see other girls. Plus your motivation to do so drops off, as your testosterone can take a hit when you get domesticated.

This time around I didn’t plan to move my girl in. She was one of two main girls in the early days of seeing her, and when one girl moved out of my apartment she performed a stealth move in – “visiting” every night. It wasn’t long before in her visits all her stuff had accumulated in my closet. I was happy, and so let it slide – after all I had my second apartment and an office to visit when needed. After a while I made the difficult decision to just drop the 2nd apartment. The girl had been doing her job properly, and I hadn’t been using it.

But unless you are expert at maintaining hand and molding a woman to fit your needs and expectations, moving her in can cost you hand. If you are expert, it can gain you hand, and intimacy.