In the comments over at a recent heartiste post, it’s mentioned that fat chicks pre-reject suitable suitors. Its mentally less painful to have ridiculously high standards than it is to get rejected for being an ugly socially retarded bitch.

I think men can behave similarly. Being beta is the male equivalent to being fat. It’s repulsive to women. But betas don’t initially know this. We are enculterated to believe that women want us to be good little beta boys. It’s natural to feel disbelief then anger then dismay at women for being heartless drama queens, and treating men worse than shit.

But that is the fat-head in your brain talking.

Here is a great post by Captain Capitalism on the gender war – complete with cartoon diagrams. It’s readable, sincere, and accurate. It’s long, but if you are a man you’ll read your own life in it, and feel less alone than you thought you were.

Here is the comment that I left:

A very readable and engaging post.

I had expected that you would have come across the term hypergamy, as it’s used a lot on men’s game blogs. I must then assume that you are not aware of how much a dominant masculine frame can lessen and even stop the “shit tests” that happen on the battlefield that you talk about.

It’s possible to win the battle of the sexes and dominate a woman and teach her to be feminine, faithful, and doting.

But it takes a wholesale personality change on the part of the man, and a very refined and practiced skill set. It takes the man doing his job.

You can learn to do it.

It’s much easier to pre-reject women as not worth the trouble, than it is to become a man who can MAKE women worth the trouble.