This might sound like a sill question, but how do you act like a jerk or bad boy? What kind of things are asshole behavior?

I’ve been running game for a few years, with some good success but I’ve never been called a jerk or bad boy.

Could someone give me some examples of things to do or say?

Openly talk about banging other women? Insult them? Put them down?

A selfish attitude develops over time through a positive feedback loop. But the positive feedback loop doesn’t happen to most men, because the feedback is not immediate.

If you are a jerk, and then pass her shit test, you will LATER be rewarded. In order to put together the jerkiness and the reward, you need an overarching mental framework. That framework is called game. So you need to learn game, the framework, and then notice how your jerky behavior and passing shit tests builds attraction.

This takes time, and gets internalized as habits. Anything you do that gives you positive feedback and leads to reward becomes internalized, over time. You will become the jerk you now wonder how to be.