Alpha and beta is not relative to yourself. It is how you are judged from outside, and specifically by females.

It is a practical term, not a term of inner worth. It is a term of value that others place on you. How relatively valuable in the sexual marketplace you seem to them.

The lifestyle of successfully loving women is a lifestyle choice. It’s like choosing to be an electrical engineer or an aviator. It comes with perks, and will change who you are. And it comes with costs.

For me, I could see no other way to live, and I’m a very happy man. I’ll die satisfied that I lived my life well.

For you? How can you ask someone ELSE what is the good life?

You don’t become objectively better when you become alpha. You become objectively better in the eyes of someone. To an outside observer, they see you as better. Every outside observer is just another subject.

Hitler was treated as a god by millions. Was he objectively better?

There is no worth – not really. There is just a good life, and affecting others around you.