What reason do we give to them for liking them? The reasons we give when qualifying girls are almost always ridiculous.

You talk like a man who has never had a beautiful woman in love with you.

When I wake in the morning, if my girl is not naked beside me, she has arisen and carefully prepared a breakfast she knows that I’ll enjoy. If I sit at the kitchen table to work, her silent company is the sweet companionship of a dear friend. When we fuck, we make all sorts of love – from humorous to laconic to tender to passionate to violent. Feelings of emotion mingle – joy, a love so strong that it is nearly a tearful heartbreak, lusty sex, and ecstatic mingling. When I look in her eyes I see adoration.

My companion does my bidding throughout the day, with never a question or complaint. At night I fuck her to sleep, she gives me a kiss, and I have her beside me while I work and play on my laptop.

Tomorrow will be another good day.

Why deal with women?

If you don’t know, you don’t want to know.