I’m stealing reposting this comment from Gorbachev:

I was lecturing a Korean guy the other day about Korean women. He has this idea that they’re pure and unsullied. Much more innocent than these foreigners.

I introduced him last week to the airline stewardess who has been more or less having a fling with me for… what? A year or more? She’s also my ex (from a few years ago).

At 28 or 29 (30?), she’s likely the hottest woman I’ve been with. Also vain, frivolous and … did I mention vain?

He said: She seems so nice. I’ll bet she’s just waiting for the right guy.

When I mentioned, after a lot of beer, that yes, that sweet, nice girl with the perfect tits (real, but you can never be entirely sure here) was my ex and that we’re sleeping together occasionally he didn’t believe me. Then he said, maybe, but she has no BF, so it’s only mildly shocking. Then I told him that the whole time she dated this doctor guy, she was banging me on the side. Enthusiastically.

And then I told him: His delusions about Asian women were so absurd it was almost a joke. That I’d been with more than a few married Korean women, and I hadn’t even gotten to China yet. That married Korean women were the easiest of all.

Then another guy chimed in and said – yup. He’s right. Never trust any woman.

After that, he was heartbroken.

He’s had 3 girlfriends. He’s 39 or so. The first made him wait 4 years to have sex; he was 26 when he finally did. They had sex maybe 10 times in total over 8 years. The next GF he knew was cheating, but he never said anything. The third made him wait 3 months to have sex, and was suspiciously busy all the time.

He works 6 days a week, 10 hours a day. He’s a model BF / Husband. He’s dating a woman who – again – isn’t going to give him any until he literally pays up for it in investment.

I pointed out to him: the odds that she’s not riding some other guy are virtually zero. She’s fucking some FWB all the time, but for *him* she’s pure and virginal.

That kind of education hits guys like that hard. I know so many Asian guys with these delusions – especially in China.

Almost all Chinese women know this. They meet suckers (no other word for it) like that and know exactly how to play them: Like musical instruments.

Any feminist who gets up and calls this misogynist is a self-delusional harpy. Women play men like toys.

Teaching men what women do just lets men play back.

And hear the little girls cry when their tricks and schemes fall flat.

No one – no one – connives and schemes like women.