Several times I’ve had girlfriends who were strikingly out of my league. Their girlfriends and even family will question her as to why stay with me when she can obviously do so much better. My current girl also gets that question a lot.

Yesterday my ex girlfriend and her date visited for dinner and after dinner conversation. He’s a handsome 24 year old electrical engineer. My girl later remarked to me that she even though he’s more handsome, she didn’t find his face “interesting”, and said that there is something about my face that is more attractive. I’m balding and have a noticeably below average attractiveness face, and am mid forties to her age of 22.

This makes me think of two things. The first is that familiarity with your face leads a woman to judge you as more attractive. Studies have shown that you can grow on a girl. Secondly body language and facial movements convey charisma. You convey being “interesting”.

If I’d only ever had a few girls out of my league, or if it was difficult to hold onto them, I’d agree that a wide Sexual-Market-Place disparity is a fluke. But it’s happened many times, and the girls can fall hard and stay fallen. This one is always trying get pregnant and marry me. Much against the advice of her friends and much to the surprise of any stranger who might happen to meet her.

So I have to conclude that SMP similarity is the common rule. Breaking it is rare. But there is a way to break that rule – breaking it isn’t just a fluke. And it’s not just about money – I’ve dated most of the shockingly hotter girls when broke.

I’m guessing it has to do with selecting the girls who can be seduced, then seducing with above average skill, then being able to get them to fall in love, then being able to maintain attraction. A skill set can be used to break the rules.