As long as you oscillate, you can allow any extremes of emotion. You can show extreme dissatisfaction with the girl, and display intense anger, and genuine brinkmanship over the whole relationship, if you later swing to the other extreme of being supportive and loving and passionate.

This may seem unmoderated – but that is because we men tend to over-moderate. Girls like extremes. Girls need extremes. Bad dog! Good dogie!

In relation to women, modern men are over civilized.

In order to keep a woman attracted and tamed and doing your bidding, you must let loose your inner caveman. You must be able to show violent anger. You must stop being civilized each and every moment.

You can be in perfect control while being passionate and extreme.

Men need to learn the art of riding huge crests of emotion. Consider surfing a huge wave. Just because the wave is huge enough to kill you, doesn’t mean you have no control or art.

To tame women, you must embody your inner caveman. Let him out – but not just out to run wild. Let him out and join with him. Unify your mind with your body. Unify your emotions with your intellect. Be a wild man. Don’t fear your wildest passions. Ride your wave. Bring out your wave.

Part 1: Being aloof is not game