Evolution has chosen for those who fit in to the social group. These people are termed betas. People who choose to fit in and follow are betas.

Betas don’t get their heads chopped off by the king or the courts.

Women prefer kings and tyrants and outlaws for fucking. And sneaky fuckers and cads. When a girl is ovulating, she opts for the high Testosterone selfish bad boy.

So we have these two (or three) competing sexual strategies.

Nowadays men realize they must overcome their beta predispositions in order to get laid in this new marketplace. It is new technologies such as the pill, the service economy, and anonymous urban living that have created this new marketplace.

From mens blogs and message boards that deal with dating, you often read from those who see themselves as beta providers arguments that their sexual strategy and life strategy is best for the woman, and best for society.

Needless to say (or is it?), this is a hugely biased position to take.

How much can we trust that this biased position is realistic and true?

Women choose the high T guys, yet the low T guys keep saying again and again that women are doing it wrong.

First of all – women do what they do. Men can only adjust and adapt our sexual strategies to get what we want. We can’t stop women doing what they do. Really – we can’t – as much as many would like to. It can’t happen. Women follow opportunity, and you can’t change opportunity without changing technology.

Secondly, with much effort and practice, men can raise their T. Even geeky nerds can ramp up enough T to become attractive in the way women really want. Not in a way that they should want, but in a way that their actions show is reality.

Thirdly, when a guy learns to push attractiveness triggers, he genuinely is a superior man to when he was not able to do so. And men who can not learn this are genuinely inferior. Why should women fuck inferior guys? The drive to fuck is a genetic positive, and geeky boys who are compelled to become more than geeky boys in order to fuck are better than geeky boys who would prefer society to do their work for them in compelling marriage from all women.

Fourthly, if we remove the bias as to who is the superior man and best choice, we can see that it isn’t only thugs girls fuck preferentially. Leaders of business, leaders of society, entrepreneurs, and all sorts of socially productive men get fucked preferentially. If the social good is such an issue, then be a socially good alpha. It’s been done before.

To all men who’se take away message from this post that shows the pattern of women going for extreme assholes is that chicks are doing it wrong:

Nut up and face reality squarely. There is no right or wrong. There is only what you do.

What are you going to DO?

Wait until society circles around back to some golden age that probably never existed?

Chicks aren’t doing it wrong. They aren’t going to circle back to some previous way of doing things.

The system is what the system is. Game the current system that exists now.


Once you get through the five stages of grief and come to acceptance of reality, you’ve passed through and no longer feel depression. The depression that comes from seeing women as they are is defeated through learning a new way to deal with women. After you see them as they are, you learn new skill sets to deal with that new entity of woman. The new skill sets lead to new types of relationships, which can be satisfying. Then you have acceptance.