On message boards that deal with how to get access to sex with attractive women, I often hear emotional appeals against the whole effort. “Chasing tail is a sex addiction used to fill holes that would not have otherwise been open had they chosen a more rounded approach to life. It tries to fill a vaccuum only to leave you with a vaccuum. Pussy isn’t ultimately THAT important.”

And what if for some people there is no higher value than intimacy and sex, and they do happily pursue and achieve that until the day they die?

I assume that those who devalue pussy wouldn’t approve. But I also assume those who are happily getting (not chasing) tail would not care much about approval. They would care about tail.

I can understand if someone doesn’t value poon above all, but I can’t understand why it bothers them that others do.

Many men report that loneliness is not a state of mind that they can in any way affect, with actions or with an an act of will, and that the only cure is intimacy. They report that life satisfaction and intimacy are directly related. That there is no substitute for intimacy, and that quality of life suffers greatly without it.

Those who equate sex seeking with addiction and hedonism think that loneliness and horniness are problematic drives that when directly addressed in the obvious fashion only lead to problematic solutions – one vacuum gets replaced by another.

But if that is what happens, then the problem is an inability to feel satisfaction – the problem is not that pussy is not satisfying. If pussy isn’t satisfying, your approach to it is wrong. I think most of us are talking about seeking a real workable solution that erases a truly painful vacuum and brings love and joy and celebration and peaceful sleep.

Intimacy and love and mutual shared celebration are needed for a quality life. Being able to easily get this is needed for the refined mans good living.


I like to be a devils advocate on the subject of life’s mission, and being a better well rounded developed man versus focusing on being seductive.

Some say focus on your life’s mission, and the women will follow – which is a twofer as compared to focusing on women. But that’s a lie. Plenty of people who focus on business or other interests do poorly with women.

Some say that girls eventually are not satisfying to a man, and he needs other interests to keep his heart warm and his mind engaged. That’s partially true – a man should not rely on women for his intellectual needs. Other than that, if pussy is not satisfying, then the person has a mild case of depression, and can’t find satisfaction in anything. The attitude to life is wrong. Pussy is usually satisfying – humans are built to find it so, unless there is a pathology.

We find meaning and satisfaction by making it so. People can find meaning and satisfaction in chess, tennis, or meditating by staring at a rug. We can also find it in relationship and pussy. You can make any endeavor interesting and meaningful, and go as deep into it as you care. Pussy and relationship are a fine life mission.

Yes, you can focus on business, and then use money to get pussy. Or you can focus on pussy, and then use that to get money. However you structure your life doesn’t matter – the point is are you paying attention and getting enjoyment out of it? Are you positively affecting those around you?

Yes, the ideal man will be an superman in all possible areas. But we have limited resources of time and attention. For me my life’s mission is simple. I want to be happy and healthy.

However that works, works. I find pursuing and attaining intimacy with women works. I don’t understand why many people find this surprising or odd. It’s perfectly natural, and perfectly sustainable.

No matter what you go deeply into can get deep. For sex you can practice Daoist inspired tantric chi-kung sex, informed by non-dual meditative insight. Pussy is not a shallow pursuit. For relationship you can explore the depths of love and romance and mind training and interpersonal intrigues. Relationship is not a shallow pursuit.

Doing ANYTHING well makes you a person of deep abilities.