Should you ever tell a girl you think she’s pretty or something along those lines in the first minutes of meeting? Stupid question?

I’ve heard disagreement about this question. The game principle I’ve heard described is that if the girls is hotter than you, she’ll need to look up to you, and so you have to be very cautious not to put out vibes that you consider her a stretch to reach, or even the prize.

However I’ve found that you can show strong sexual appreciation, without putting the girl on a sexual pedestal. I’m not confident that eloquence will convey the frame and attitude, but here goes:

Step 1) previously have fucked a lot of pretty girls, in an intimate way, with many of those being passionate love affairs, many being flings, many being fuck buddies, many being anonymous one night stands.
Step 2) Look at the girl as if she is perfectly attainable, and hold the mood that you are the sun – just beaming down on a lovely piece of beauty that has presented itself. You are neither grasping nor trying not to grasp. You are lustily holding her in your experienced, warm, friendly and sexy gaze. She is being appreciated by your attention.

A knowing appreciative gaze will convey your meaning with less risk than words of activating her anti slut defences – and it gives you the opportunity to do a little face dancing communication. You look at her in her eyes, judge her reactions, and respond accordingly, showing your empathy, social acumen, and ability to hold your frame. Does she squirm and smile and appear coy? Bingo! Then you’ve just told her she’s hot.