Rape is a touchy issue because women demand the power to invalidate all male concerns. Mens concerns are not only trivial, they are not allowed to even exist.

I agree with many of the commenters that Roosh’s case against rape is weak. Women do lube up. Confounding the issue is that women give in easier than they should, if they truly are trying to stop the rape. Women fantasize about rape, and give in too easiliy to it, and lube up for it, and orgasm during it.

However the fact that he poses these questions is righteous. There is nothing disgusting about asking these things. Men have hugely important concerns around this issue, and women lie about it. From what I’ve heard police say that women lie about rape MOST of the time.

We are right to question what is “real” rape. And we’ll never get a 100% clear cut answer, because women often say No! Stop! No! Don’t! Stop! No. Don’t. Stop. No don’t stop. No don’t stop.

I’ve heard it said that women lube up during sex as an evolved response to prevent vaginal tearing. Wrong. Women get wet for rapists so that they will fascilitate having a rape baby.

Men who rape are an evolutionary advantage – a womans genes want the genes of a successful rapist.

Men can also orgasm during male rape, but in that case the evolution of that response is more tricky – because the male prostate also exists in about 40% females as the G spot. I don’t know why the male G spot gives dudes orgasms – but that piece of hardware evolved to do that. Could be that since the organ shows up in both men and women, it evolved to be useful but isn’t fully sex differentiated – it evolved in humans – and when it’s in females, it gives an evolutionary advantage.

But for women getting raped, it’s simpler. Anything that causes death or birth is a fast road to evolution. People hypothesize that you get lubrication to avoid death – a clear straightforward evolutionary path. The other clear obvious straightforward path is to get wet to give life.

A pet peeve men have is hearing this cant “Rape isn’t about sexual gratification, it is about power and control.”

Argument by assertion.

Define “about”.

Do you mean “only about”? As in – not ALSO about sex?

If I wanted power and control, I’d use a fist, not a dick.

Men often say “I’ve always felt that the power/control theory was psychobabble.”

It’s not even psychobabble. It’s just common female projection.

WOMEN can use sex for power and control over men. Give me money and resources and I might give you pussy. Or I might just friend zone you and dangle my pussy in front of your nose from time to time.

Women lose power if they get impregnated without choice.

Men have the biological imperative to impregnate women – not get resources from them.

Women project their agenda of control onto men, who are just simply trying to come inside a pussy.


I saw first-hand a woman prison guard who sacrificed her career to fuck a serial rapist in the prison she was supposed to be guarding. She was an solid 8, slim, blond. You can’t make this stuff up.

Here is an example of why I say that women lube up for rape in order to facilitate impregnation. It’s not just to prevent tearing.

Women want rapist babies.