I have an attractive girlfriend that I’m trying to train up.

Why train a girl? Why not just find one that I like to begin with? The same reason you don’t just find a dog of a breed and temperament that you get along to begin with. Any dog, and any woman, will need some training.

But this one is requiring more effort than I’ve become accustomed to. Yesterday we had a bit of a blowout.

She’d just come quite nicely and was feeling romantic, and so kept playing a sappy song over and over, singing the Indonesian words out loud. It was irritating so I told her to use the headphones. Actually, this argument had been going on for days – her playing the song, me asking her to use the headphones, and her resisting. On the fourth repeat I snapped. I exploded. I yelled at her for the entire hotel compound to hear. “You’re deliberately trying to piss me off. Ok, now I’m pissed off! Is this what you wanted? Are you happy now?”

The song was her way of expressing her love for me – it was a romance song and she was singing along to the words. No matter. It was irritating and she refused to stop.

After my explosion, she walked out of the hotel, then I left for the beach. I took my time going back to the hotel to pick her up after she called, then took her to the beach, to sit in silence before giving her another stern talking to. Then I ignored all her protestations to leave the beach, and told her I was enjoying my stay on the beach and if she insisted on leaving I’d give her money for a hotel room, and that tomorrow I’d send her back to her parents house in Jogjakarta. Told her she was being a fucking annoying mosquito, and that her job as a woman was to make me happy. That if she enjoyed my company, her job was to make me happy. Not irritated.

She played annoying mosquito princess for while longer, until I took out my phone and recorded her voice, then mimicked the playback.

“Mosquito!” I accused.

I’m trying to train this girl to be attentive and devoted and kind and empathetic. She’s already in love. That was the easy part.

The rest is difficult work, that is my responsibility to get done.

Finally she relented, gave up her attitude, apologized, and we had a pleasant rest of the evening. Since then she’s been slightly more mindful to be less annoying.

She’s young and hot, and loves me madly, and so gets a lot of leeway – but the project is clear, and has been clearly explained to her. I’m to make a woman out of her, and her job, if she wants to be with me, is to please me.

Very occasionally I have to remind her that she has a long way to go in learning how to be a woman, and compare her to other girls who were better at the art, and give examples of their doting. Yesterday I went into detail of the bone deep grief caused by the death of my mate. The idea is to let her know that deep bonding is real and can happen, but she’s got a lonng way to go to measure up to the kind of girl who would provoke it.

Her titties keep me patient in this project.

Update a few days later: Today she used google translate on the lyrics to that sappy song, plugged in her headphones, and sang along with the song, in English. Over and over. Carefully repeating the lyrics to me so that I really got it. WOW. Stunningly romantic. Notions like “you complete my life” “by your side I find my strength” “I want to be with you forever”.

This time I was not pissed off, as she was carefully attentive to my responsiveness. Made my dick hard.

Oh – and while some may interpret my dramatic blow up as overblown, let it be known that when describing her happiness with me, she describes how I’ve changed her, and in what ways she’s a different woman. Wearing feminine clothes now, cooking for me. She is proud of the project succeeding – and it is a reason she loves me. The fact that I often use a short leash of leeway makes her proud and happy to be with me. She must be a worthwhile person to have someone putting so much energy and attention into her.

She’s even mentioned that one reason she prefers me (over her last handsome beta boy suitor who took one year of not fucking her before finally “cheating” on her) is that I show negative emotions. When I’m cranky, I’m just cranky – no candy coating.

In case the reader is not familiar with the wider context that you may take from the blog as a whole, drama is good, in alternation. You can have intensity of emotion as long as the oscillations perform an overall pleasant musical experience.